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    I could get the interior working perfectly with the hei fix listed above but exterior was still burgershot. @DietTrooper 2 problems for me that I fixed. If you use LA Billboards, It uses 2 of the same files as this and LA Billboards has priority. Other problem is the file in the download seems wrong. vb_03_lod.ytd and vb_03_bld2.ydr. If you open them in OpenIV they are still the Burgershot textures. What I dd was download the other Burger king download v 1.1 I believe its called and opened the vb_03.rpf in OpenIV. I found those 2 files vb_03_lod.ytd and vb03_bld2.ydr and dragged them into the texture.rpf file in LA_Billboards_P2. If you don't use LA Billboards I am assuming replacing those 2 files in this download should fix it.

    30 Haziran 2021, Çarşamba