1972 ford bronco "mallcrawler" UNLOCKED FINAL


hello everyone today ill be releasing a model i made a month or so ago to this wonderful site for you all to enjoy!

ford bronco came from forza motorsport 7 and has a TON of work done to it! from custom lights to the 4dr conversion and the custom air ride lift! this thing is a MONSTER! mind you its a mallcrawler not for offroad :p it will be the first ford i have converted and done like this so please feel free to leave me feedback and rate it as you please.

if you need something built or converted you can contact me on discord. "GODzGIFT
join my new discord to see what new models ill be working on and to keep up with builds you might be having done.

looking to join a RP server that will be one if not THE best server for role playing? check out our server that is currently being worked on.
we will soon have some of the best private scripts and models on fiveM
check out my work on facebook if you are on facebook quite often and would like to follow my builds.
also if your a newer dev and would like to learn how to work on models a bit more come check me out on twitch, dont forget to drop a follow and look for when i go live!


the model is only for ADD-ON i dont sell stuff directly to fiveM server owners due to policy issues with fiveM so this was only made as an addon and was INTENDED to be used for single player.

hope all enjoy and have a GREAT new year! i know i will :)

add dlc text: dlcpacks:\mallcrawl\

add the folder "mallcrawl" to the DLCpacks folder

due to a scammer chargingback for the model witch i gave him for a lower cost due to others scamming him "sob story of my life" so i cut ROADKILL the owner of NEXT LEVEL MODS the low price of $80, he only paid me $60 because he said he had just gotten "screwed" how ironic lol. but this info is for the public to know reasons of me releasing this. please feel freee to enjoy the model. lift was bought from SAUL mods on facebook, converted and textured by yours truly. model was from forza and wheels i got from HUGO JOSSE on facebook links will be provided so that you too can buy these amazing lifts and have custom parts made. Z3D included fuck it, got some kiddo named ETHAN that is on NEXT LEVEL MODS taking credit for my model and claiming it as his. nothing about that model is HIS nor do they know how to even do half of the work done on this model!!!! have fun with it please give credit thats deserved people like that are what make this community cancer.


wheel dev link: https://www.facebook.com/HugoJosseGil

lift kit dev link: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008355840346

if you contact them let them know ive sent you. thank you once again
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