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With several hours of work, here is the hottest night life hotspot Bahama West Club scene, this map is based on real LA clubs, for those of that like partying this Map's detail is high and Maxed out works with Menyoo. Works best in FIRST Person. Note: the package states 1.4 it's actually v1.5. apologies.
Change log. small file size because it doesn't include screenshots. Lester gets a twin.

1.5 update
The anticipated update is finally here...major changes include dozens of new peds, scenario's, better quality for realism lots of cool animations added. Everything has been Reworked from scratch.
.New DJ
.New Pyro and Club Smoke
.More Party lovers
.More Strippers
.More Realistic atmosphere
.Dynamic scenarios
.New club Security

Adds a whole new overhaul in terms of dance and even adds pyro, more peds in club more strippers new DJ And lots more! Note After hours DLC required for this to work

custom music mod optional

Dance menu: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/dance-menu

Update 1.3 Final!
.Revamped everything
.Many new scenarios in club
.Markers for faster teleportation
.Many new dance animations
.Tons of new peds

Update 1.2
.More accuracy
.Updated scenarios
.Fixed minor issues
.improved club scene

1.0 fix
.No strippers


Install instructions
- Simply place "Night out fun" to GTAv/menyooStuff/Spooner
Open Menyoo teleport options>interiors>Bahama west Mama's. Then object Spooner>manage saved files>Night out> Load placements done.
View Readme for more

Used graphics mod optional-

Note: use Menyoo or any other mod to play music.
A lot of work went into this tiny map but it was all worth it.
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 1.0 fix

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