Race Wars Drag Race Festival



This is a "remake" of Race wars in the fast and the furious.
Race wars is a drag race festival in the dessert near L.A
It's not the exact same as in the movie, but it's my own version at the dessert airstrip.
It has alot of objects so that's why I chose to make 3 different maps for slower pc's.
One with no cars and no peds "racewars only". One with only cars and no peds "racewars no peds"
and the last one with peds and cars "racewars full". This is my first mod ever so be kind. Comments are welcome.

-parking space
-car display at entrance
-car meeting
-many stands and food opportunities "doesn't work" I'm not a scripter.
-drag lane
-drift demo space
-queue lane
-landing strip
-actual drag race with community races
-15 cars available for the drag race

Not every object is dynamic but in the upcoming maps

Required for installation:

community races



Install instructions:

Put "racewars full", "racewars no peds" and "racewars only" in your GTA V directory
Copy the script folder to your GTA V directory.
Ingame you go to the map editor "F7" and load 1 of the 3 object xml's
When all the objects are loaded you go to the white circle.
When you're in the circle you click E and then select a car to race.
Enjoy racing!!
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