Swifts Stunt Arena [FiveM / SP / YMAP] 1.0


Swifts Stunt Arena is a map I made for a FiveM Racing server called "BrotherHood Racing." This is a good map to use for Monster Trucks, Dirt Bikes, BMX Bikes and more. There is a small skatepark on the building, you can make up your own jumps to transfer into other areas around the Arena. This build took 5 hours 25 minutes and was inspiration from a Monster Jam Arena I made back in 2016, this is a much larger scale than that with much more props, enjoy.

Installation instructions are also included in the README.txt file included with the download.

Installation Instructions for FiveM

1) Click "Download" to download SwiftsStuntArena.rar (Have WinRAR installed to extract files)
2) Once it's downloaded, navigate to your "resources" folder in your FiveM server's directory and open it up. (Mine is FXServer > cfx-server-data-master > resources)
3) Inside of the "resources" folder, right click and create a new Folder and name it "[maps]" - without the quotation marks.
4) Open up SwiftsStuntArena.rar and you will see the folder called "swiftsstuntarena", drag the folder "swiftsstuntarena" into your "[maps]" folder.
5) Navigate to where your FiveM server's "server.cfg" file is located, edit and type "start swiftsstuntarena" - without the quotation marks. Once you've typed to start the resource, make sure you SAVE!

Installation Instructions for SinglePlayer

1) Click "Download" to download SwiftsStuntArena.rar (Have WinRAR installed to extract files)
2) Use the program "OpenIV" for the next steps. If you don't have it, install and set it up.
3) With OpenIV, make sure you click "Edit Mode" at the top right.
4) Inside OpenIV, you want to create a new folder called "mods", if you already have this folder, continue to the next steps.
5) You want to copy all the content that's inside of the "update" folder. To do this, you want to click "GTA V" at the top left inside of OpenIV.
(Look for the folder called "update" on the right side, not the left column.)
6) Right click on the "update" folder and click "Extract", you want to extract it to your "mods" folder.
7) Open up the SwiftsStuntArena folder and find the "custom_maps" folder located inside of the "swiftsstuntarena-SP" folder.
8) Take the "custom_maps" folder and place into OpenIV into the directory GTA V > mods > update > x64 > dlcpacks
9) Now using OpenIV, go to the directory OpenIV > mods > update > update.rpf > common > data, then find the xml file called "dlclist.xml", with Edit Mode enabled(top right of OpenIV) you need to right click and Edit.
10) Add the line dlcpacks:/custom_maps/ Once you have this line in there, make sure to click "Save"(Bottom right)
NOTE: Since this website doesn't show the Item tags, please view the README.txt document to get the line required for the "dlclist.xml" file and follow the rest of the instructions after.
11) Now using OpenIV, go to the directory OpenIV > mods > update > x64 > dlcpacks > custom_maps > dlc.rpf > x64 > levels > gta5 > _citye > maps > custom_maps.rpf, make sure you've opened the "custom_maps.rpf" file.
12) Put the SwiftsStuntArena.ymap into the "custom_maps.rpf" file into OpenIV.
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