Traffic Lights for Route 13 [Add-On | YMAP] 1.2





  • Added video to clear any confusion on what this mod is. (traffic in video is 2x using custom gameconfig)
  • Fixed and added back "standalone" option. Next update will hopefully have OIV
  • fixed LOD distance. Lights can now be seen at regular distance
  • Added traffic signs to both intersections
  • Included wip paths.rpf. This archive includes the nodes that increase the speed of Senora Way. Cars now travel 60-70mph.

  • =================================================

    This mod aims to improve the traffic congestion that occurs at 2 intersections in Blaine County: Route 13/Joshua and Route 13/Union Road. Traffic control devices have been placed here to improve flow.

    This mod was tested using only normal traffic flow, so If you are using any mods that increase the traffic volume, this may result in increased traffic jams at this intersections, and less than patient drivers.

    There are two versions:

    Standalone Version - Version designed to be added to "dlcpacks", while not interfering with any other mods
    Traffic Lights ONLY - This version only contains the traffic ymap, for those who use "custom_maps" or any other general dlc folder.

    *Note for anyone wanting information about the Nodes.

    The 3 custom nodes included are:


    These 3 nodes control the paths of all vehicles in the Route 13/Joshua road to Route 13/Union Road corridor. These nodes control traffic speed, merging, and traffic signal length. Modification of these nodes, or any nodes can be done by utilizing Codewalker by dexyfex. It can be downloaded here:



    Thanks to dexyfex, dav90, Headshot_Ops and Skylumz for the help.

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