Alternate Motion For Kitted Peds (EUP Friendly) 1.2


This mod swaps out the idle and motion animations (walking, running, etc.) of various peds who carry heavy/tactical equipment (e.g. battle belts and vests) with what I believe to be more suitable and realistic animations.

These animations make the characters feel more like they're actually carrying weight than the vanilla ones do. If patrolling on foot as a cop or security guard for example, the sluggish and more relaxed pace of the walking should feel better as well.

The peds that have had their animations changed include the following:
-Highway Cop
-Snow Cop
-Security Guard
-Chemistry Security
-Bobcat Security
-Armoured Gruppe Security
-Prison Guard
-Black Ops
-Armoured Marine
-Male MP character (for EUP users)

I haven't included the Ranger, SWAT, CIA or FIB as I believe their agile and lightweight animations suit them more. If people want them changed as well, I'll consider including them.

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