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- Adds Families, Ballas, Vagos, Aztecas, Marabunta Grande, Madrazo Cartel, Triads, Kkangpae, Lost MC, Rednecks, Armenian Mob and Professionals gangs to the game.
- Each gang starts out with one Lvl 2 territory based on where they're found in the vanilla game/missions and some random ones which are assigned by the base mod
- All members have been added and all vehicles which they're seen using
- Player starts as part of the Families. See below for how to change your gang.


- Gang and Turf mod 1.3.12
- Make sure you've installed Gang and Turf Mod properly and that it works before replacing its files with the ones in this mod.


- Place TurfZoneData.xml, ModOptions.xml, and GangData.xml inside your gangModData folder (should be inside your GTA V install location). Replace existing files.
- Optional GangData.xml for those that wanna create their own gang instead of using the premade ones. You can find it inside the aptly named folder.
- Optional GangData.xml for melee start (no weapons)
- Optional fix for unarmed/melee fights. Check the readme inside its folder.

Changing your gang:

- Simply open GangData.xml with Notepad (or another text editor) and look for the line that says: "true" - Note: The gang chosen by default should be the Families.
- Change "true" to "false" (without the quotation marks).
- Then look for the gang which you want to be a part of instead and swap its "false" line in the same way, but to "true" instead of "false".


- Pretty much all done by lucasvinbr, I (Renlou) just added the game gangs to it.
- Like the mod? Show your support with a like/comment


Version 2.6 fixes:

- Updated files for new version of base mod
- Gangs now start with pistols. (If you wanna change it back to how it was so gangs begin meleeing each other just use the GangData file inside "Melee start" folder.)

Version 2.5 changes:

- Added Professionals (Thanks NaijaMango)
- Optional fix for delay/inertia from gang members if using melee/unarmed

Version 2.4 changes:

- Updated files to match new Gang and Turf mod version 1.3.4 (Includes new turfs, weapons and other changes)

Version 2.3 bonus:

- Added optional GangData.xml for the ability to create your own gang from scratch and play it against all the others.

Version 2.2 changes:

- All gangs now start with their main territory at zone strength level 2.
- Each gang focuses on a different goal. Some prefer buying bigger guns (Lost MC, Rednecks), some train to be tough to kill (Families, Aztecas, Triads),
others like to have their territories locked down (Madrazo Cartel, KKangpae, Armenian Mob), while the rest is all about taking over hoods (Ballas, Vagos, Marabunta Grande).
- Gangs cannot be wiped out or replaced anymore. (You may change this in ModOptions file)
- Added Stab City as takeable zone (so now Lost MC can take it if they wish :D)
- Updated files to match new Gang and Turf mod version 1.3.1

Version 2.1 fixes:

- Changed blip color of Vagos, Aztecas, Armenian Mob and Rednecks for better visualization

Version 2 fixes:

- Fixed blip and vehicle color for Lost MC
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