GTA V German Sirens - Deutsche Sirenen


Hey guys, this is my german siren pack, the biggest variety of german sirens available.
It covers every emergency vehicle.

AudiNameHash: Sirens:
Police - Hänsch 620 Stadt/Land + Yelp
Sheriff2 - Hella RTK7 Stadt/Land
FIB - Hänsch 624
Ambulance - E-Kompressor Stadt/Land + Hänsch 620 Stadt
Firetruck - Pressluft
PoliceB[ike] - Hänsch 520 Stadt

Check out the siren installation Tutorial on my Youtube Channel!

Installation (You need OpenIV):
- Readme file included

Changelog 1.7.5
- Fixed audio clipping when using the horn

Changelog 1.7.0
- Upped the volume on the FBI Sounds (Hänsch 624)
- Replaced the Ambulance E-Kompressor with a Pintsch-Bamag model

Changelog 1.6.5
- Fixed typos concerning firetruck sound file names
Changelog 1.6.0
- Reorganized files in order to comply with the new decrypted hashes in the vehicles.awc
- Improved overall quality

Changelog 1.5.0
- Louder Hänsch 620 Land-Sound
- Better RTK7-Sounds (Stadt&Land)

Changelog 1.4.5
-New Hänsch 620 Land-Sound

Changelog 1.4.0
- new arrangement of sirens
- better airhorn hi-lo for the firetruck
- better Police Bike secondary siren

Changelog 1.3.1 (hotfix)
- One Readme was empty, sorry for that. Has been fixed now :/

Changelog 1.3.1
- Due to many people asking me how to intall this mod properly,
I added a simpler way of installing it (The old method is still available)
- I added a german translation. Makes sense because it's a german
siren pack, so most downloaders are german I suppose :D

Changelog 1.3
- New Improved Police sounds (better quality)
- New Police bike sound

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