LAPD PoliceMegaphoneAudio v3.0


Hello guys, this is a single (LAPD)Police Megaphone Audio.

I made this LAPD megaphone audio, this audio will replace original LSPD megaphone audio. If you want to play real Los Angeles in GTA5, maybe you need this audio.

If you are not satisfied with this audio, please leave a message in Comments, I will fix the bug, in the future version.

For the mod in my show video that was made by other authors, the file I posted does not contain this mod, only the awc file I made myself.

I brought the LAPD megaphone audio to everyone(-audio in the car megaphone -)
You can go here to download "Police Megaphone":



(Use OpenIV): x64 → audio → sfx → S_FULL_SER.rpf ▲Replace:s_m_y_cop_01_white_full_01.awc▲

【Note: It is best not to change the name of my audio file and replace it with other audio files. In case you have done something that can't be reversed, you can only delete the Mods folder, I can't help you.】


If you want to watch my GTA5 LSPDFR game video, go in my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClU1Ylc1uVKzN1NjgRyKdWA?view_as=subscriber

And this is my Twitter: https://twitter.com/GaryCon27811010

I'm Gary Connor, a Chinese video game player.

▲If you want to get the latest version of the file in time, please go here: https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/20600-lapd-policemegaphoneaudio/▲


v3.0 - Remake "s_m_y_cop_01_white_full_01.awc", and Add some audio for "s_m_y_cop_01_white_full_01.awc"

v2.0 - Redo audio for "s_m_y_cop_01_white_full_01.awc"

v1.1 - After my test, there are still 3-4 for the original LSPD audio in the audio. This may be my mistake, I will fix this in version 1.2 to ensure that there is no original LSPD audio in the audio! I will fix this error as soon as possible.

v1.0 - Some LAPD audio has been successfully added, and other some are being produced.
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