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NaturalVision is the result of greatly utilizing ReShade, ENB, VisualSettings and TimeCycle files in combination with the VisualV mod. The goal was to try and make GTA5 look as photorealistic as possible. Over 400 hours of work was put into Version 2.0, which is a complete overhaul of the original mod.

Although this was built on top of VisualV's files, there have been numerous changes made to the environmental weathers, lighting, timecycle and colors in order to improve the aspect of realism. The tonemapping has also been adjusted through VisualSettings and ReShade to try and mimic how we view the real world through our eyes.

Please leave your feedback in the comments section.

This mod requires VisualV in order to properly work.
You can download it at this link.
Install guide is included in the super detailed "README" file within the download.

Currently available in English, Russian and German but additional language support will be added soon.

Please read everything carefully in the readme before commenting about an issue. There is a good amount of useful information in there that should help you troubleshoot your issues and also answer your questions.

In regards to minimum or maximum specs:
The only thing that matters is how you run currently run GTAV without mods and the FPS you're averaging. Take that and subtract the framerate by 5 or 10, depending on which version you decide to use.


- Updated the README with new instructions (Step 4 and Step 5)
- Modified sky / fog colors in ExtraSunny and Clear weather
- Tweaked directional lighting to provide a warmer feel during daytime
- New night time lighting in all weathers
- Fixed Deband ReShade issue causing night time to be pitch black in certain areas
- Adjusted traffic light corona size for more visibility during daytime
- Increased wind in Rain and Thunder weathers
- Adjusted the type of Clouds appearing in-game
- Recreated the Main ReShade Preset from scratch. Balanced and performance friendly.
- Various ENB and visualsettings lighting tweaks
Rockstar Games & Rockstar North
VisualV (_CP_ & robi29)
ReShade 3.0 Team (Crosire, MartyMcFly, Ganossa, Ceejay and others)
ENBSeries Dev (Boris Vorontsov)

Special Thanks
Quentin Tarantino
young hollow

...and many other people (both friends and family) that helped provide feedback, beta test or supported me.
Recommended Mods:

Your game won't look like mine until you grab a few extra mods that are sure to enhance your GTAV experience. Here is what I recommend...

L.A Roads 2.0 Mod
L.A Roads 2.0 Patch


Real Freeway Signs Mod

advancedblur.asi from the VisualV 'optional' folder

Environmental Emergency Lights

Corona Begone

For a full list of recommended mods, check out the readme
Please do not redistribute these files without my permission. Thanks!
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Last Downloaded: 2 dakika önce

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  • E4fccc nv
    Sabitlenmiş Yorum


    Hi everyone, there is a big update that I've been slowly working on for the past month. It's called "NaturalVision Remastered" and has a targeted release of late February / early March. All the weathers are modified in it, not just the extrasunny and clear weather. This update was inspired by various games including GTA4, Forza Horizon 3 and Watch_Dogs - taking the most realistic lighting aspects from those games and trying to recreate the look in GTAV's various weathers.

    In v2.2 the sky colors looked very weird and did not fully represent Los Angeles, so I've gone back and recreated most of the sky/fog colors which was a lot of work. I've also increased fog density in certain weathers, adjusted the overall fog, modified clouds, tweaked ambient lighting, added godrays, modified in-game tonemapping and so much more. The ReShade stuff was also modified and there is a major performance boost. Revisiting every major weather has really helped shape this update. Even without ReShade, the mod still holds up on its own this time around and I stand by these words. I look forward to sharing it with everyone when it's ready.

    You can view screenshots for NaturalVision Remastered at the following link:

    All screenshots were taken at 4k resolution and then resized to my monitor's resolution. The gallery will be updated frequently so feel free to follow it. Trust me, you will like this update.

    26 Ocak 2017, Perşembe
  • B4e1b8 untitled 2

    @Vac Efron My PC is a bit similar to yours. Change your settings to this:-

    DirectX Version: 11
    Resolution: Anything you want
    Aspect Ratio: According to your resolution
    Refresh Rate: 60Hz
    FXAA: On
    MSAA: Off
    Vsync: Off
    Population Density: Half
    Population Variety: Half
    Distance Scaling: Full
    Texture Quality: Very High
    Shader Quality: Very High
    Shadow Quality: Very High
    Reflection Quality: Very High
    Reflection MSAA: Off
    Water Quality: High
    Particle Quality: High
    Grass Quality: High
    Soft Shadows: Softest
    Post FX: High
    Motion Blur: Off
    Depth of Field: Off
    Anisotropic Filtering: 16x
    Ambient Occlusion: High
    Tesslation: High

    Advanced Graphics Settings:-
    Long Shadows: On
    High Resolution Shadows: Off
    High Detailed Streaming while flying: On
    Extended Distance Scaling: 30-40%
    Extended Shadow Distance: 100%

    1 gün önce
  • 77c017 tp

    @Stelassin Shadow Quality: Very High eats FPS for breakfast!

    1 gün önce
  • 58ecd5 firefox icon pixel style by grifuz d47574u

    @Stelassin Thank you

    1 gün önce
  • B4e1b8 untitled 2

    @mips Any shadow quality below Very High starts to look really blocky. That's why I prefer Very high.
    @Vac Efron Welcome

    1 gün önce
  • B4e1b8 untitled 2

    @Vac Efron If possible use Reflection Quality at Ultra because Very High Reflection might look bad sometimes. Also if you want a bit more of fps turn off Tesslation and Ambient Occulsion and like @mips said Reduce shadow quality to High.

    1 gün önce
  • Default

    Downloaded an installed last night, followed every step and it works great and looks amazing. I installed LARoads and the patch, but the roads in the city at night, look like they're glowing. Almost like they're their own light source. looked through the settings and couldn't find any solutions. is this normal?

    22 hours ago
  • Default

    @tibblesbrc Show us a picture maybe?

    20 hours ago
  • B4e1b8 untitled 2

    @FreezIn Hey is that you from GTAF?

    16 hours ago
  • E4fccc nv

    @Hivon You need to follow the readme. Look at the link for VisualV 0.250 and then copy the files from there into the NV editor folder. Then run the script and it will go through just fine.

    9 hours ago
  • E4fccc nv

    Since we are nearing release, I want to take some requests from everyone. Is there anything specific you would like to see? Are you concerned about something and want to make sure it looks fine? Now would be the time to speak up and share your thoughts. Criticism is valid and I am open to having a real conversation as long as you are not a troll. Please provide screenshots for reference if you want to show me something. Beta testers need not apply.

    9 hours ago
  • Default

    @Stelassin yeah that's me from GTAF.

    @Razed I personally think that the sky should have a bit more of a "sky blue" for the smog picture on your flickr, imo it looks a bit too washed out on day.

    8 hours ago
  • E4fccc nv

    @FreezIn I based it off pics on Google which are 80% gray mixed with a hint of blue - http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/fa/LosAngelesSmog.jpg

    8 hours ago
  • E58ba8 skÎdrow

    So if I look at your picture, and that from google, I would say that it is a little too much blue
    but only a little

    7 hours ago
  • E4fccc nv

    @Skîdrow I agree, it should be a little more aqua or something. Smog weather is WIP though and something I put together in four hours for fun. Then I realized it has potential but it's on the backburner until I fix the clouds in my weathers. They are the hardest part for me.

    7 hours ago
  • E58ba8 skÎdrow

    Also by spontaneity develops something good
    In your case just like that
    Yes, aqua would fit

    6 hours ago
  • Default

    Yeah that was what I meant by sky blue, it needs to have a bit more of a aqua tint to it

    6 hours ago
  • E80096 cropped 150 150 710190

    @Razed did you do any editing to the clouds in the game? also i think during sunset, the top of the sky should be more purple abit like this,

    5 hours ago
  • E80096 cropped 150 150 710190

    Also just wondering but, how come i dont see the sun in any of your pictures on flickr?

    5 hours ago
  • Default

    @Razed the recent uploaded pictures on flicker looks very very great! The only graphic part
    I worry a bit at the moment are the clouds, but I understand that you are busy with it right now.

    3 hours ago
  • Default

    @Neutralization There is actually 2 pics, https://flic.kr/p/QYPjfU the other one had something to do with swamp

    2 hours ago
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