R.G.B.C.A.E - Redone Gang Behaviour, Criminal Activity Enhancement 1.2.1 Hotfix



This Mod Takes Inspiration From PEV RDE and WOV (1.2.1 will include more frequent random events)

What The Mod Changes (Some Features May Be Buggy Or Unfinished)

This Mod Adds Female Cops, Makes Gang Members Treat Female Civilians Better Than Male Civilians (For Example They Will Say "Hey There Cutie"), Gang Members Have Shootouts With Police, Gang Members Attempt To Steal Cars (Usually Cop Cars)(Also Mostly Ballas Steal Cars), All Gangs Other Than "The Families" Dislike Franklin (In Main Mod Read Optionals For More Info), Wanted Evasion Is Longer (More Stars = Longer Evasion), Street Shootouts (Usually A Fight With Vagos And The Ballas), Gangs Will Have Street Fights And Will Jaywalk On The Streets, More Criminal Activity Will Happen On The Streets,

place the "dispatch.meta" in "mods/update/update.rpf/common/data" replace if already exists
place the "relationships.dat" in in "mods/common.rpf/data" replace if already exists
place the "dispatchtuning.ymt" in in "mods/update/update.rpf/x64/data/tune" replace if already exists
place "witnessinformation.meta" in "mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/ai" replace if already exists

i would have made it an oiv but it didnt install properly so it must be done manually its simple (if you do not understand this please watch the tutorial video

I Will Update This And Tell Me Which Files I Should Edit To Make This Even Better
Please Watch The Video To See The Main Parts Of The Mod, More Updates Soon!!

Please Report Any Issues You Have With This Mod!!

CURRENT ISSUES: Crashes When Using The "combat tweaks" script by cpast (not included so not an issue for most people)

1.2.1: Hotfix: Fixed The Female Cops And Added Them As A Variation That Has 1/3 Spawn Chance
1.2.1: More Frequent Random Events And More Optional Files
1.1.1: Heavier Changes To Gang And Police Actions And Behaviour
1.0.1: Decreased Spawn Rate Of Female Cops

All Gangs Respect You = This Makes All Gangs Treat You Like A Brother
Ballas Like The Player = Ballas Gang Respects The Player
Everyone Hates The Player = Everyone Hates The Player
(made on request) Families Respect Vagos And Aztecas = Makes Families Gang Respect Vagos And Aztecas
Uninstaller = Reverts Modded Files Back To Vanilla Ones
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