Skysder's Enhanced Traffic Experience: Lite Edition [OIV] 4.1 Hotfix 1


Welcome to Skysder's Enhanced Traffic Experience: Lite Edition! The official traffic mod of Vanillaworks!

Built from the ground up, this version brings the next-gen experience on PC to the next level! No stone was left unturned, including scratch-built popgroups, popcycles, hundreds of unique car generators, and vehiclemodelsets. Enjoy realism, hidden vehicles, easter eggs and so much more that brings the 10-year-old map of GTA V back to life!

This is the Lite Edition of the mod, meaning it only contains vanilla content. The Ultimate Edition, which includes vanilla and modded content, can be found here!

However, starting with 4.0, there are now optional Add-Ons! These Add-Ons are here to help spruce your game up even more. Read below for what they can do!

Chameleon Paint Patch: Add a splash of color to your game! This Add-On will integrate the Chameleon Paint mod into vehiclemodelsets to allow special variants of vehicles to spawn. You must install the colors separately. They are not included in this mod!
Updated DLC Vehicle Spawn Colors: Lessen the assault on the visual senses! This Add-On replaces DLC vehicle spawn colors with all of my previously posted packs, for better integration and less gaudy color combinations!

Simple Trainer
Chameleon Paint (For the Chamelon Paint Patch)
Packfile Limit Adjuster
A decent Gameconfig

Update 4.1 Hotfix 1:
- Removed a stray line in the uninstaller.oiv assembly.xml that may have been causing problems.

Installation is in the ReadMe! file included. Please read it!

1q. The cars are disappearing!
1a. Install Simple Trainer and or Menyoo to prevent DLC vehicles from despawning.
2q. A bunch of the same cars are spawning!
2a. This is known as the 'GTA Effect' where a specific vehicle is chosen by the game and prioritized. This has nothing to do with the mod and is something that is hardcoded into the game.
3q. Cops Back on The Beat? RDE compatibility?
3a. No. Never. Stop asking.
4q. Chameleon Paint Patch doesn't work!
4a. Good luck and maybe read the description next time!
5q. There is no variety or density!
5a. You can get extra variety by editing your settings.xml file in Documents/Rockstar Games/GTA V. Bump up the VehicleVarietyMultiplier to 10.0. Do not increase the CityDensity value, as it can cause crashes if it is too high. Instead, I highly recommend using L.S Traffic by Cass.

Please report any bugs to me in the comments about the mod or the .oiv packages. I am new to making .oiv packages, so there is room for error. Now that I have some more time at my own pace to work on the mod, I will be releasing occasional bug patches!

I will not be helping with subjects such as carvariations, computer performance, anything clearly stated in the FAQ or any of the ReadMe files, or other non-mod related topics.

Please do not modify or reupload these files without explicit permission!

Join the Vanillaworks Discord server!

Skysder - Main files, popgroups, popcycles, scenarios, car generators, and anything not mentioned below
SirStirFry - Logo(s)
WildBrick142 - Chameleon Paint
Vanillaworks Community - Bug-testing, suggestions, engagement with development
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