Tactical Enforcers [Police AI Overhaul] 1.1



This mod makes the cops in gta 5 more tactical. It also adds more vehicles to pursuit without making the game crap itself. This mod also balances the combat ai for cops and swat (also gangs).
Changes made in Tactical Enforcers:
*Guards and Cops can't charge at you now
*Cops will take cover more often
*No more aimbot from LSPD Officers.
*Aggressive SWAT and Soldier AI
*SWAT can spawn with more armour.
*Police will now retreat on 4 stars, will only spawn in roadblocks.
*Soldiers will use S_M_Y_Marine_03 in Fort Zancudo
*Annihilators brought back
-Removed Herobrine

1.1 (Bug Fix)
*Changes to Police Helicopters, they use carbine rifles now.
*2 new versions added, Harder Cops and No Annihilator (for people who experience crashes) version. These are seperate to download!
*Other Minor improvements

go to Grand Theft Auto V > update.rpf > update > common > data
and drop dispatch.meta, ai folder and levels folder.

Convoys and Other Hits by Eddlm

Mission Maker by aimless

Also, if you would like to use this in your mod, then credit me.
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