MC-130J Commando II: USAF

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MC-130J Commando II

Beginning in 2009, 37 MC-130Js were produced to replace the USAF inventory of MC-130Es and MC-130Ps, both of which were 40 years old at the time.
Based on the KC-130J aerial refueling tanker operated by the USMC, the MC-130J adds features for Combat Search and Rescue and Special Operations missions.

This particular aircraft is stationed at Kadena AFB - Okinawa, Japan.

Download and install the model by SkylineGTRFreak:

Drop c130j_prop.dds and kc130_sign_x.dds renamed with the number of your choice into kc130j.ytd

※Note this will replace the spinning propeller texture for all skins※
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