Nissan 350Z "Tattoo" Paintjob


Model conversion by Gta5KoRn (use model which supports PJ)
Only one livery is supported by default model.
Link: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/nissan-350z

This was my dream car for long time and since ''tattoo'' is very fashionable now days, I decided to give a little ''tattoo look'' paint job to one of my favorite cars of all times.

Texture part of the model is included and you could rename it to match the other part in your present configuration. Use OpenIV to replace part in whatever rpf you put it. Livery is transparent and inherits the colors of the car. You can change colors also by trainer presets.

Symbols are picked randomly and combined without any symbolic meaning, from Internet, as free samples, and if you are offended or don't like any part of the livery, you are free to delete or replace just that part of the paint job for your personal use. Few of the integrated companies logos in paint job are commonly used previously on this type of the car.
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