Dusan Spasojevic Sweater [SP/FiveM]

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In 1993, Dušan Spasojević, a former lower-league association football player who would later become the head of the Zemun clan, arrived to Serbian capital city of Belgrade from his home village of Retkocer, near Medveđa in southern Serbia. Retkocer's proximity to Kosovo is what earned Spasojević the nickname Šiptar (the Albanian), even though he was a Serb. On his trip to Belgrade, he was accompanied by his childhood friend and future associate, Mile Luković, called Kum (the Godfather). Luković came from Donji Gajtan near Medveđa, and has previously worked as a prison guard in Priština. Upon arriving to Belgrade, the two men soon got involved in car theft.

In 1995, Belgrade police arrested Spasojević and Luković while they were trying to steal a civilian car parked in front of a military hospital. The car theft operation was led by a certain "Peca", and targets were people coming to visit wounded friends or relatives in the hospital. Due to the ongoing Yugoslav Wars, the number of such visits was large. Presumably, the group operated either under the control, or in cooperation with, the Surčin clan, the largest organised car theft group in the country. In 1997, Spasojević and Luković moved from cars to pushing drugs in the Belgrade suburb of Karaburma, and after getting arrested again, they became police informants. After finding out that his son is a drug dealer, Luković's father committed suicide.

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