Lara Croft nude body for mpfemale w/template and traceys feet 1.1

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Hey guys heres the lower body of lara croft nude mod for mpfemale inspired by Modojos mod.
Here the link to hes mod https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/female-nude-bottom-for-female-mp-beta

Ive added 3 sizes and changed the uvmap so it would use the same textures as the other legs from vanilla.Also added textures and template so you can make your own textures too if you dont like my textures.
Credits: custom body ripped from Lara croft bikini mod from JotaPModz

Instrucciones are inside file.
*Initial release 1.0
*Release 1.1 -added traceys feet because theyre more realistic
-better uvmapping
-Changed normal spec textures
-added size big so theres 3 sizes now for lower body
Report any problems with file or suggestions
Thats all hope you enjoy your game and appreciate your support!!
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