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Ever wanted to create a blackout but were too tired of going through mod menus to find the blackout option?

Well, this mod is for you!

All this mod does is create a blackout in San Andreas with the push of a button(and return the place back to normal)!

First, install -

After that's done, copy BlackoutV.dll and BlackoutV.ini to the scripts folder (make one if you don't have it already for some reason)

...and voila!

You now can create a blackout just by the press of a button!

PS: Sorry for the bad screenshots.

You are free to comment as always,
Thank you.

Alexander Blade for ScriptHookV
Crosire for ScriptHookVDotNet

Update Log:
1.0 - Initial Release.
1.1 - Removed the "BlackoutV Enabled" and "BlackoutV Disabled" notification as I think that is unnecessary.
1.2 - Added a nightvision option and an ini file to customize keybinds.
2.0 - Remade the mod from scratch. Now there's a toggle function instead of having 2 different keys for enabling and disabling the mod.
2.1 - Added an 'AutoBlackout' feature (lights go off at 22:00 and return at 6:00).
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