Custom Loop Horns [BETA] 1.1


Custom Loop Horns Project [BETA] - by SteamSilenceChannel

What is It?

It is a script that allows you to use your own Customized Loop Horns in Grand Theft Auto 5.

Dependencies: (What do you need)

* .NetFramework 4.5.2 or Higher;
* ScriptHookVDotNet ;
* ScriptHookV ;
* NativeUI ;
* WMPLib (Windows Media Player Library) ;
* OpenIV .

How to Install

1- Put the following files/folders in your GTA5 directory: scripthookV.dll, dinput8.dll, scripthookvDotNet.dll, scripthookvDotNet.asi, scripts folder.

2- put the following files/folders in your scripts folder (the one inside GTA5 Dir): Horns Folder (with a loop.wav, and dontloop.wav inside), LoopHorns.dll.

3- Open up OpenIV (You MUST install the openIV.asi plugin and have a mods folder in your GTA5 dir!), and browse to "Grand Theft Auto V\x64\audio\sfx\RESIDENT.rpf\". Rightclick "vehicles.awc" and extract It as Open format.

4- pick up the files inside "Modified_Clown_Horn" and replace It inside the Extracted folder.

5- Go back to OpenIV, enable edit mode and import the files back by right-clicking the "RESIDENT.rpf" package and choosing "Import open format".

How to open the menu:

* It's going to open once you're pressing the "Duck" + "Aim" simultaneously, so if you're using a controller, press "LB" + "RB", or if you're using a keyboard you can open It by pressing "X" + "right click", or simply pressing U, as an alternative.

How to use in game:

1- When in game, get the car you want to use the custom horn, open up the menu and apply... It's that simple! ^^

NOTE: If the mod's not working yet, press "insert" to reload It with scriptHookVDotNet.

How can I make My own horns?

1- You have to put your Wave (.wav) formated sound in the "Grand Theft Auto V\scritps\horns" and rename It to "dontloop.wav"(It's going to be played once) or "loop.wav"(It's going to loop while you keep holding the horn). You can also follow the "Super Mario" example and split your sound in two parts, so the first part's going to be played and once It's done the loop starts.


1- Added a menu with the option to enable or disable the custom loop horns.
2- NAudio is not needed anymore, the whole sound is now handled with the WMPLib.
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