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DropMoneyBait - A Los Santos Money Extravaganza

Ever wondered what to do with all that cash in Los Santos... Well, buckle up, because now you can unleash your generosity or become the Robin Hood of GTA V with the DropMoneyBait mod! This isn't your average cash-dropping script, it's a full-blown economic experiment in the virtual streets of Los Santos!


Spread the Wealth:
Drop wads of cash on the sidewalks and watch as pedestrians rush to collect their newfound fortune.
Be a benevolent benefactor or lure unsuspecting NPCs into your cunning trap. The choice is yours!

Robbery 2.0:
Turn the tables and become the financial mastermind of Los Santos. Lure pedestrians into the shadows, then relieve them of their virtual dollars. It's like real-life Robin Hood, but with more explosions!

Traffic Control, Money Style:
Tired of honking at stubborn drivers! Make it rain cash to see how quickly they exit their vehicles. Los Santos is a capitalist jungle, and money talks louder than horns.

Installation Instructions:

a. Ensure you have the latest version of GTA V and Script Hook V and ScriptHookDotNet installed.
b. Download the MoneyBait mod files.
c. Extract the contents of the mod archive to the "scripts" folder in your GTA V directory.
d. Launch the game and get ready to make it rain!

This mod is not responsible for any in-game economic crises or pedestrian uprisings caused by your newfound financial prowess. Use virtual currency responsibly and always remember, it's just a game! Also ALPHA!!

Notes(Change in .ini):
Press Y (default Key) to unleash the financial chaos.
Make sure your in-game character is prepared for the financial rollercoaster that awaits! (100).
Press E (default Key) to pick up Money

Future features to add:
- make them brawl!
- make them love you <3
- Animations!
- make them stop attacking/following
- throw out of the car
- throw in general!
- decice how much per spawn and change model for cash if more

Known BUGS:
- when peds are in combat or fleeing they might start/stop
- you can only drop one money item at a time when peds are nearby
- you can not pick up money if a ped is walkint to the money

Get ready to redefine Los Santos economics - one dollar bill at a time!

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v.0.1.5 - 28.11.23
- Completely rewrote the Ped and Player logic (still not satisfied)
- Animations for Ped and Player
- More realistic money drop
- Press "E" (default, change in INI) to pick up money
- Animals no longer get triggered
- Correct position for throwing money out of Vehicle window
- Something I dont like but not able to change for now:
-- now you can only drop one money
item at a time when peds are nearby
-- you can not pick up money if a ped is walking to the money

v.0.1. - 24.11.23
Initital Release
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