Freeze Time [Beta] 1.0


This script requires ScriptHookVDotNet. Drop the .dll and .ini files inside the "/scripts" folder.

This mod allows you to freeze time while being able to move freely by pressing a single key. By default this key is X. You can change it in the .ini file. Objects/vehicles/peds in motion will remain in motion when you unfreeze time. Also works with trains and helicopters. Freezes RPG/grenades/molotovs/grenade launcher objects, but beware that RPG and grenades are timed to explode regardless if frozen or not.

Known issues:
Distance vehicles slowly move/merge into the ground/float at random.
Performance issues when freezing/unfreezing.
Animations on peds sometimes keep running.
Peds in vehicles sometimes disappear but they reappear after a while.
You cannot jack frozen vehicles. The ped will get ejected after unfreezing the vehicles.
Sometimes resuming rotational momentum on entities messes up.
Big airplanes in the distance fall out of the sky when unfreezing. No clue why.

I plan on fixing the majority of these issues very soon.
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