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This plugin allow to change GTA V's default license plate randomization into your wanted format.

For example "??? ###" results in "ABC 123"(Random letters and numbers of course).

Just put the asi and ini files into the root of the GTA V folder(Where GTA5.exe is).
If you want to change the format of license plate generation, you need to go into the ini file and change text.
? is for letters and # is for numbers.
Any other character would result into a constant character in license plate.
For example (GTAV-###) would result into (GTAV-123) "GTAV-" with random numbers.
There is a special format for emergency vehicles you can enable that function in ini file and edit emergency vehicle's format as you want.

The limit of characters in license plate is 8.
Other characters than numbers and letters are not supported by the game itself. You need to exclude some characters and download an texture mod.

Increase game limit of characters.


Added selectable special plate format for emergency vehicles
Added option to exclude the specific characters
Changed Windows ini reader to more modern ini reader
Fixed bug for eighth character not showing up properly
Fixed bug(?) for numbers to be more random

Alexander Blade - For ASI loader
InfamousSabre - For support and testing
LMS, refs, MulleDK19, Jitsuin and everyone - who teached/helped me in learning.
Ben Hoyt - for inih - ini files reader.

In case if this mod doesn't work for you then your computer is missing:

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