Entity Remover 3.0



This mod removes any vanilla-game object, vehicle, or ped from any location.

1. You can modify the place and the object name from the objectRemoverMod.cs file.
2. This mod can be edited easily using any text editor.
3. You can duplicate the file to remove multiple objects. (OLD REMOVED VERSION)
4. You can remove multiple objects by duplicating the object remove function.
5. Now, you can remove vehicles and peds. (3.0 FEATURE)

1. Install SHVDN3
2. Copy (or cut) the objectRemoverMod.cs inside the folder into the scripts (If its name is Scripts, change it)

- This mod is not compiled like the disable special ability mod, so you can edit it easily without compiling. You can also compile, but I don't see that it's useful except for the size.

-1.0: First version
-2.0: Now, you can duplicate the object without duplicating the file by duplicating the object remove function.
-3.0: Changed logo, added four features, two are used to remove peds, and two are used to remove vehicles, and improved FPS.
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