Psychokinetic [W.I.P] 0.5.5



--Put in the main game folder

--Put in the main game folder

--Put in the "scripts" folder

Put Psychokinetic.dll && Psychokinetic.ini in scripts folder
[Prerelease updates] For updates go to My Patreon Page . The version with an "x" on it means that it is not really a version and it still has bugs some of which am aware and some of which i'm not.
[Just a Note]: My game version is 1.0.1032.1 & so I have not upgraded ScriptHookV, but I have updated my ScriptHookDotNet. (edit: I'm currently up to date for the game)
If you also don't want to upgrade ever again use: GTAVLauncherBypass

ATTENTION: if you have problems with a power. Press the release key.

This is a work in progress(WIP) and pretty much in alpha build. I want to build a detailed Psychokinesis/Telekinesis mod. I don't have that much time to test out all the chance you might experience a
bug. I am very delighted that people enjoy my mods, and if you want to donate and can their is now a donate button next to my profile.
[Controls:](could change some of them in the .ini file)

ToggleMenu: "F10"
TogglePowerWheelKey = Q
FreezeAll: "F1"
GrabPed: "F4"

CrushKey: press "D2" for peds and vehicles. (no mass crush for peds)
MassCrush: hold "D2" for some time. holding longer doesn't mean bigger area.

Push: Press "Shift + X" while aiming at a target
MassPush: Hold "Shift + X" the longer you hold the bigger area you will effect. (bigger area = greater loss in fps)
Pull: Press "Control + X" while aiming at a target
MassPull: Hold "Control + X" the longer you hold the bigger area you will effect. (bigger area = greater loss in fps)
LockOn: "Shift + E"
PyrokineticKey: Press "D3" while aiming at a target
ElectrokinesisKey: Press "D5" while aiming at a target. It is limited to a range for performance reasons.
TransformKey: Hold "Shift" + "T"

Attention: I got rid of pedforce, carforce, and made a general version. I think its better
GeneralTelekinesis: use LockOn key to pick up peds, cars, objects, press "LockOn" while looking at obj/ped/veh to let them go. Press left shift button and aim button with attack(left mouse button) to throw them.

Also if you want to get many things hold "LockOn" key.

For example if you're looking at a vehicle and you hold on to "LockOn" key. You will grab only vehicles from the area. Same things for objects and peds. If you're not looking at any of them and you hold the "LockOn" Key it will grab objects/peds/vehicles (As expected this is the most intensive of the rest and will result in loss of FPS).

ChangeForceType: Press "Control + E"
Release: "R"

ChangePowerModifierKey: Press "Shift" + powerkey this works for the powers for D1, D2, D3

Press "LeftControl + Jump button" to toggle flight
ChangeFlightMode: press "Capslock" once to go into 2nd flying mode, press capslock twice to go into 3rd flying mod. Press "Capslock" button to go back to only the first flying mode.
Press "LeftShift" to fly up
Press "LeftControl" to fly down

[XBox Controls]
OpenPowerWheel: RB
(LockOn)GeneralTelekinesis: (LT) + UpButton
ChangeForceType: RT + UpButton
Throw: LT + B
Grab: LT + Y
Push: RT + A
Pull: LT + A
StartFlight: press L3(Left analog) and X
ChangeFlight: press LB while moving (left analog) forward
Release: RightButton

Adjusting The GeneralTelekinesis.
Moving Forwards: (Press LB and RB and left analog forward backwords)
Moving Upwards: (Press LB and RB and Right analog forward backwords)

[Power Wheel]
Move mouse or right analog button to select power.
After selecting power:
For XBox Press (LT) + RT to use the power.
For keyboard Press Right mouse button with left mouse button

The middle HUD in Power Wheel turns Off the power wheel, since having the power wheel disables certain things. Need to be unarmed to use power.
When power is active, can't (melee)hit people.

--fixed the telekinesis throw not working.(I think I caught all the cases, but comment if you find one)
--blackhole customization option under performance in mod or in the .ini file.(can reduce the power of blackhole to reduce the chance of crashing)
--blackholeradius affects how big of an area the blackhole sucks things in.
--blackholetimlimit sets how long the blackhole will last.
--fixed the problem with the mouse not moving while using power wheel.
--made crush animation faster.
--added headcrush(aim at head and press crush key)
--added object crush(more like destroy, it will also affect the surrounding).Some objects won't be affected.
--changed the way crush behaves, it lifts the objects up before crushing.
--Added health menu with max health option and health regeneration, also check the .ini file under conditions.
--can now cancel the take off animation and go straight into flight by pressing changeflightmode mid take off. Must press the changeflightmode key fast to
go straight to flight mode 2 and 3
--fixed other little bugs.
--0.5 (will keep updating the list over time)
--Added Audio to the mod. Huge thanks to the creator(s) of SharpDx for creating a wonderful 3d audio library. I just implemented the audio feature this week so not sure if it will produce any errors. Hopefully not, because the immersion is wonderful. (Side note as well, since I'm using an external sound player, tabbing out of the game while the game is running, will not stop the sound).
--Added Powerwheel.
--Changed the way telekinesis works (read above). Thanks to a suggestion from a user that suggested maybe using a general telekinesis.
--Added Animated Super Jump. I know people will say why jump when you could fly. Trust me it's more fun. I choose to make it unrealistic physic and I tried to copy the jump animation from Justice league villain.
--Added AutoSuperJump - part of Animated Super Jump. Aim at a building and press jump button(the white marker will appear indicating that you could auto jump to that location. (I intially made this with an AI system in mind, but it also cool for the player). To anyone interested: the equation I used is called a Quadratic Bezeir Curve
--Added Keybinding Menu
--Option to adjust Push/Pull Force
--Performance Menu. Change values to reduce fps drop off. Euphoria Physics causes crashes with
latest scripthookdotnet/game file.
--Visual Menu -- could adjust the size of atomic blast. The bigger it is the bigger the loss of fps. The loss of fps is seen if you are too close to the blast. The size of the blast doesn't affect power of the blast.
--Electric Field
--Could now change the flight speed in game. (if it's too fast, it will cause the game to slow down)
--Remove Weapons. While having power selected, "aim" (right mouse button) to take weapon from an individual, you could also take it from a group by holding on to the button. Then you could kill individuals individually (by pressing attack(left mouse button) while looking at them). You could also kill all at once by holding on to attack button without looking at any of them.
--You could use (Crush, Pyrokinesis, and Push/Pull) while in a vehicle now.
--flying has a consistent dust effect.
--while flying small objects float when near them.
--Freeze Power got better thanks to 0x7.
--Added TakeOff Animation (press "Left Control + Space" for some time to trigger animation. The longer you hold the slower it plays. If you let go it speeds up animation. Note: might loss some fps. In future, I will try to make it more fps friendly.)
--Added landing animations
--Can land on any thing, even planes.
--added clouds formation when at high altitude, for immersion.(if you have a loss in fps, turn it off in the visual menu).
--floating rocks, it just looks cool. (check visual menu).
--health bar display of target.(check visual menu).
--fixed grabbed peds not being damaged.
--animation for grabbing peds in flight mod now works.
--animation for crushing vehicle now works while flying.
--can now crush peds(crush their heart. they grab their chest as you squeeze your hands).
--can now grab vehicles along with objects. (still in early stage).
--changed the way the menu works. (Can now input # for the multi. by pressing enter).
--can now save current selections.
--can now check for latest version of the mod.
dexyfex (for codewalker and i'm using his version of compiled sharpdx.dll)
stillhere (helped in many ways).
Ideo(check out his telekinesis mod, his mods since they were lua (open source) helped me get me into coding.
LeeC2202(special thanks to him for coming up with a way to reduce performance loss)
And all the helpful people that posts questions/answers at gtaforums/gta5-mods.
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