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Add more detail to your GTA V game with Random Events! More police chases, firetrucks and ambulances responding to code 3 calls. Los Santos won't be that silent city anymore. You will hear more sirens, see firetrucks and ambulances responding and driving through the city and police chases chasing armed criminals. It's meant to be to get the game more like to real life scenarios.

At this stage, only emergency service responds and small-scale criminal wars are added. I would like to add many more features (armored car robbery for example). Let me know if you have good ideas :)


Just use the game as you usually do! You will just see more police chases, firetrucks and ambulances responding and sometimes a small scale gang war.

OR: have fun while chasing the criminals into a police chase. Just for fun to watch who wins the chase.

Planned features
  • At least armored cars which you can heist.
  • Option to select the probability of an event.


Just install "Random Events.dll" to your "scripts" folder located in the GTA V main directory.


You need to have ScripthookVDotNet / ScripthookV to be installed.


  • 1.0.1b

    • Fixed criminals in attack fighting against each other. They now belong to each others relationship.
    • Fixed/Improved checking if event is out of a certain player's range. If so, the event will be removed from memory. This will prevent too many event spawns and possible reduce CPU load.
  • 1.0.0b

    • Initial release

If you need any more information about changes or issues, read the changelog or readme files included.

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