Naruto Rinnegan and Sharingan mod v1.1


NOW AMATERASU AND TSUKLUYOMI IS ADDED!! For updates, delete old files and recopy all files in the new folder into the script folder.
This script is a recreation of Rinnegan and Sharingan Jutsus within GTA5 mod. Myself is a huge Naruto fan, but I cannot really find a script that is especially dedicated to Naruto. So I decided to write this mod.
The mod contains 6 Jutsus:
Shinra Tensei - push all entities around you away
Bansho Tenin - pull all entities around you to yourself
Chibaku Tensei - Creates a where in the sky where all entities are sucked up to there.
Super Shinra Tensei - You fly onto the sky, and pushes anything around you away.
Limbo Hengoku - Creates 5 invisible bodyguards that hold bats.
Amenotejikara - Switch place with the entity that you are aiming at.
Tsukuyomi - Kill all peds near you
Amaterasu: Generate black flame that deals damages.
Shinra Tensei - numpad1
Bansho Tenin - numpad3
Chibaku Tensei - numpad7
Super Shinra Tensei - numpad9
Limbo Hengoku - H
Amenotejikara - + key near the numpad, you need to aim at an object on order to trigger it.
Tsukuyomi - Y
Amaterasu - U while aiming at an entity
Community Script Hook V .NET
Put all files in the Release v1.1 folder into your scripts folder under the main directory.
For updates, delete old files and recopy all files in the new folder into the script folder.
Don't trigger Chibaku Tensei for too long, it will break the game! (Fixed)
I am not too sure about bugs, but I tried to fix some of them. if there are bugs, please tell me on the comment section or email!
Credits: I checked so many forums and libraries that I don't even remembered. I checked the NativeDB library, I think that is the main one. Also, I cropped those sound files from the Youtube.
Email: Mikezh6666@gmail.com
Update log
v1.1 - Added sharingan ability tsukuyomi and Amaterasu, now Rinnegan no longer needs to toggle off.
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