Spider-Man V [.NET] 1.3 [BETA]

This mod is by Sollaholla & Jedijosh920.

Web shoot / quick fire at enemies has been take out temporarily because I'm creating a better version and it was conflicting with another power.

  • Pantyshot
  • TheMadBreaker

  • These guys are responsible for all of the awesome artwork and 3D models! It wouldn't be a true Spider-Man experience without them! :D

    Another huge shout-out to Jedijosh920

    Whenever you have questions about the web swinging, wall crawling, or anything related to Spidey's powers please ask me (@sollaholla), I made them and I'm willing to do anything to make them even more awesome!

    We hope you guys enjoy it. And yes we know the animations aren't perfect but we're still waiting on custom animations to be possible.


    • Tap Attack/LMB on the map (not objects) to grapple yourself towards that point.
    • Hold Attack/LMB on a ped, object, or vehicle then release to grapple the enemy towards you. Remember that you face the direction you want to throw them.
    • Hold Attack/LMB on a ped, object, or vehicle then right click on any part of the map (that's near the ped, object, or vehicle your web is attached to) to hang that object from a web.
    • While in the air and near buildings hold down Jump/Space to start web swinging.
    • To wall climb press ContextButton/E when in front of the surface of a building.
    • Hold Jump/Space when your web is attached to a vehicle, object, or ped to do a rodeo attack and swing your enemies around.
    • Press SpecialAbility/CapsLock to start and disable spidey sense.
    • Press ContextMenu/M to change your super attack.
    • Press Numpad9 (configurable) to disable the mod.
    • Press O (configurable) to disable web shooters.
    • Press Jump/Space to rebalance yourself wall falling or ragdoll on the ground.
    • Press R/LightMelee when near & looking at a ped/vehicle to do a combo move (there are 3 initial combo moves)


    • Fixed spider-sense not working.

    • 1.1
    • 2 new super abilities. You can change abilities using the "N" key.
    • Fixed some issues with crashing.
    • Fixed a lot of really strange bugs, with jittering animations during wall climb, webs getting stuck on players hand, etc.
    • Added full support for Julio's menu (so that keycodes will not respond if his menu is being opened or closed).
    • Added support for Julio Green Goblin script (still a bit buggy check ini for some new values)
    • Added new configurable keys and other values to .ini file.

    • 1.1a
    • General bug fixes related to animations, and physics.
    • Smoothed out some of the animations.
    • Web swinging is now just a little bit slower and longer.
    • If you hit a wall while web swinging you will ragdoll.
    • You can press space/jump while ragdolling in the air to re-balance yourself.

    • 1.1a1
    • Fixed small bug making the player fall when grappling to close to the ground.

    • 1.1a2
    • Fixed weird ragdoll bug where the player would ragdoll after falling off a building, also removed debug info showing on screen (sorry about that).

    • 1.2
    • Added ability to put peds into an arrested state (still a wip).
    • Fixed animation jittering with player.
    • Added ability to attach object / peds / vehicles together with webs.
    • Added more configurable options to ini (such as web swing and grapple cooldowns).

    • 1.2a
    • Added some optimizations and crash stability.
    • You can't grapple if the you're on the ground and the direction to the grapple point is lower than the players position.
    • Fixed teleporting speed bug with RPH.
    • Added configurable values for jump and grapple speeds.

    • 1.2a1
    • Fixed some issues with slow-mo and grapple force.
    • Added more configurable options for web swinging.
    • Made default values for swing speed and radius reduced for a longer swing.
    • Fixed ragdoll and god-mode being enabled after mod get's disabled.
    • Added option to ini that allows you to set the mod disabled by default.

    • 1.2b
    • Added wall run.
    • Fixed invincibility glitch.
    • Added a force applied to the player after swinging so you don't just fall.

    • 1.2b1
    • Fixed velocity bug flinging character into air after web-swinging.

    • 1.3
    • Added new combo ability, check controls for more info. This includes car deformation (s/o to @stillhere for some help on that).
    • Fixed rolling animation, should be much smoother now and blend in with the players movement.
    • Made it easier to swing lower to the ground, whenever you're low to the ground and after you jump just tap space and you will do a quick swing.
    • Added NativeUI menu system to select abilities, since people where requesting that.
    • Added a "chargeable" jump system. Hold space to charge the jump and release when ready to jump.

    İlk Yüklenme Zamanı: 14 Şubat 2017, Salı
    Son Güncellenme Zamanı: 1 gün önce
    Last Downloaded: 5 dakika önce

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    • 127dc7 ^80ad29c9f6d937c1aa4b58bd2509f9a8d57ffca2c8917059d0^pimgpsh mobile save distr
      Sabitlenmiş Yorum

      Web shoot / quick fire at enemies has been take out temporarily because I'm creating a better version and it was conflicting with another power.

      9 gün önce
    • 127dc7 ^80ad29c9f6d937c1aa4b58bd2509f9a8d57ffca2c8917059d0^pimgpsh mobile save distr

      @GAGER Thanks for being so kind man, and I'm a huge fan of Julio's mods for sure. You opened my eyes a little bit, and I'm just so caught up in all the hate that I'm getting recently it's just making me feel like I'm wasting my time. But you're absolutely right, I'll keep updating the mod and try my best at making this thing top-notch. Thanks again man, you're a really intelligent and extremely nice person.

      23 hours ago
    • 5c4dfd joker4

      @sollaholla You are too kind Solla :) I am just telling it as it is. Nothing more ;) And, who would want you to hold back when you are making THIS epic of a MOD? What the heck have they been smoking? :P

      23 hours ago
    • Fbde8b 3t name

      @sollaholla After I re-start the game, the web grapple function works again. Sorry for causing any inconvenience, that is not a bug.

      21 hours ago
    • 9db5b1 bf411dd67a09d6869c5f7622bd86ac41106e5b10 512

      Your mods are amazing. It brought new life to this game. Whiny haters are just that...Whiny haters. You do great work, and I download every update. I really appreciate your work.

      17 hours ago
    • Default

      Hello huys, I facewu this problem after i run a game
      What can i do about it? Updated Scripthook and addition to it

      16 hours ago
    • Default

      How do I uninstall this mod? It's really bugging me.

      11 hours ago
    • Default

      @sollaholla dude can ı ask someting ? wher is batman mod you give me a link ?

      10 hours ago
    • Default

      Assembly.xml is corrupt,...wtf,...I tried installing this script so many different ways its unbelievable. I'm honestly bouta give up cuz people keep asking the same damn question and get no answer!

      10 hours ago
    • Default

      please improve the first person

      10 hours ago
    • 127dc7 ^80ad29c9f6d937c1aa4b58bd2509f9a8d57ffca2c8917059d0^pimgpsh mobile save distr

      @Zavro Only if I was a genius and knew everything. Wouldn't that be awesome.

      9 hours ago
    • Default

      @ozmert1910 are you talking about the CaptainAmerica shield power ?

      if yes you just have to use a batarang of one of the batman mod, dans replace the shield with the batrang , its all done

      9 hours ago
    • Default

      @sollaholla where is the ini file?

      9 hours ago
    • 127dc7 ^80ad29c9f6d937c1aa4b58bd2509f9a8d57ffca2c8917059d0^pimgpsh mobile save distr

      @Necrovoltage It should get created after you run the mod in-game. :)

      8 hours ago
    • Default

      @sollaholla Thanks and where would it be created?

      8 hours ago
    • 127dc7 ^80ad29c9f6d937c1aa4b58bd2509f9a8d57ffca2c8917059d0^pimgpsh mobile save distr

      @Necrovoltage "./scripts/Spiderman.ini"

      7 hours ago
    • Default

      @sollaholla Thanks man

      7 hours ago
    • 5c4dfd joker4

      @sollaholla Hey man. I for some reason didnt know this had a disarming feature. That is so cool! Haha!
      So please. Do NOT let the trolls stop you from working on this further. Dont just polish it up and end the MOD. You are too brilliant for that. Look at how many people have downloaded your mod in such a short time. Those numbers talk for themselves. You are giving ALOT of people exactly what they have been dreaming about for years. So again, please continue with this and make it everything you can imagine! :) I am using it right now and having a blast.

      3 hours ago
    • 127dc7 ^80ad29c9f6d937c1aa4b58bd2509f9a8d57ffca2c8917059d0^pimgpsh mobile save distr

      @GAGER Thanks man, I definitely will continue to make the mods. I just gotta learn not to let other's affect me so much. Glad you like the disarm haha, more coming soon! ;)

      3 hours ago
    • 5c4dfd joker4

      @sollaholla I know its a small feature. But I love details like that. Also, it is a very iconic Spidey move :)

      Face-webbing might be his most iconic move of all ;)

      3 hours ago
    • Default

      you guys are doing an excellent job on this mod the new features are awesome cant wait to see whats next!! playing for hours. thanks

      3 hours ago
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