Teleport Gun (Instant teleport / vehicle stealer) 1.10

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Teleportation Gun!
This mod turns the sniper rifle into a Teleport Gun. Instantly teleport to wherever you shoot! See that plane flying on the other side of Los Santos? Snipe it and immediately take the controls.

  • Push J to activate this mod
  • Teleport wherever your sniper rifle bullet lands (this varies based on render distance, weapon zoom, and range of weapon, I recommend using the custom weapons.meta included in the zip file)
  • Shoot any vehicle to instantly become the driver

  • Notes:
    As I said the distance one can teleport seems to depend on your game render settings, how far you zoom in with the sniper rifle, and the range of the sniper rifle, which I have edited in the included weapons.meta.

    For best results I recommend turning the game render settings to max, and using my weapons.meta, our editing your own weapons.meta

    There seems to be a lot going on in the game engine between render distances, weapon ranges, and targets. As far as I can tell from my experimenting you are more likely to teleport to far away locations by shooting objects like A/Cs, satellites, etc. Vehicles are also able to be shot and teleported in to from long distances. However shooting buildings, rocks, roads, etc from to far away prevents the game from registering a hit.

  • Drag teleportgun.dll to /you_gtav_directory/scripts
  • Make sure you have ScriptHook and ScriptHookDotNet
  • If you want to use my weapons.meta, Use OpenIV and navigate to \Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\ai and repalce weapons.meta with my weapons.meta (Note: Make a back up of weapons.meta first!)

  • Changelog:

    Fixed a bug when activating and deactivating the mod the player would teleport to the last vehicle hit
    Cleaned up code

  • added a toggle button (push J to activate or deactivate the mod

  • Sniper rifle becomes teleport gun
  • shoot anywhere in range to teleport
  • shoot any vehicle to become the drivee
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