Zolika1351's V Menu 15.0



My IV menu ported to GTA V.

Numpad to move
F7 for menu

FiveM Support (select players and teleport to them, mod protections, Copy Car/Player)
Play Score Music anytime
News Camera (from Legal Trouble)
Make player Bloody (from Hang Ten)
Kill all Cops, Army & Merryweather
Kill all peds with AI blip
Big Rigs handling (you go through buildings and get infinite reverse speed)
Middle mouse Fly
DMT Trip (from Did Somebody Say Yoga)
Super Jump
Gravity toggle
Unlock Pitch to 90°
Night & Thermal Vision
Toggle collision
Move forward through door
Clean car, fix car, flip car
Car speedup, car superbrake
Teleport to safehouses
Teleport to skyfall
Teleport to waypoint
Time settings (you can even set negative time!)
Timescale change (all the way down to 0.001)
Weather changing
Clothes changing (change individual components and textures)
Give all weapons
Remove all weapons
Menu color change (even has rainbow!)
Menu style change (expand or replace)
Select vehicle color (color 1, 2, 3 and 4, supports up to 255 colors!)
Select carcols entry (natural colors)
Livery selection
Car Turbo (low for drifting and high for going so fast that you fly away)
Car Godmode (no engine damage, fix loop, never dirty, autoflip)
Save Car (saved car options lets you do things to saved car)
Car Spawning (all cars from the game in a giant list)
Player Model (all peds from the game in a giant list)
Ped spawning (or bodyguard, same list as Player model)
Populated spawn (i.e. cop cars with cops in them)
Story Cars (unfinished, currently has the 3 protags cars)
Walkstyles (Franklin, Trevor, Michael and Michael slow)
Custom Walkstyle/Car/Ped/Player Model - Type in a model name to spawn
Mobile Radio
Cars Never Locked
Cars Owned By Player (won't get wanted level for stealing cars)
Free Cutscenes (control player in in-game cutscenes)
Player Drive/Walk Task (autopilot, drives to waypoint if exists)
Save Game
Autosave anytime
Cancel mission (cancels the mission immediately, no respawning)
State Display (displays various useful info about player)
Custom God (enable individual proofs)
Always God
Health Loop god
Never Wanted
Rapid Fire
Unlimited Ammo
Cops Dispatched/Not Dispatched
Slide Run
Skip on Water
Toggle Ragdoll
Midget Mode
Player Visibility toggle
Drive/Walk on Water
Terminate all Game Scripts (can use this to explore Prologue)
SCO Loader (load any SCO in the game)
Missions (play any mission, may be broken)
Change car plate text
Set torque & engine multiplier
List running scripts into brief
Spawn any object from the game (select from list or input it manually)
Animations (input manually, can make it loop, can make it play on upper body only)
Money Drop

15.0 Changelog:
Added Ped Blips option
Added Ped Blips cone toggle
Added Ped Blips Type (All peds, Protagonists only or Mission Peds only)
Added support for 64 players (upcoming in FiveM)
Added FiveM Overhead Name Display option
Added notification if I (KicsiZee) join the FiveM server you are in
Added Liberty City teleports (for I luv LC FiveM server)
Made world teleports keep your car

14.0 Changelog:
Fixed issues with selecting radio station from the list
Renamed Radio Settings to Radio/Sound
Added Big Rigs Reverse option
Added Impact Shake option
Added Super Bloody option
Added Music Event input
Added Kill all Peds with AI Blip option
Added gadget_parachute and gadget_nightvision to Weapons menu
Added All Entities Solid option
Made the Never Wanted shortcut toggle Level Cap instead of Clear Loop
Added Kill all Cops option
Added Legal Trouble News Camera option

13.0 Changelog:
Added Police Blips toggle
Added FiveM Blips toggle
Fixed Never Tired crash
Added Super Jump toggle
Added 90 Pitch (unlocks camera to 90 degrees)
Fixed Gravity option
Fixed setting time in FiveM
Added Night & Thermal vision options
Added DMT Mode (from Did Somebody Say Yoga mission)

12.0 Changelog:
Fixed Missions menu (it actually works now, most or maybe all missions)

11.6 Changelog:
Fixed Middle Mouse Fly toggle

11.5 Changelog:
Added Benny's modifications to Car Tuning
Added Middle Mouse Fly toggle
Made Num0 only exit out of the 4th Car Tuning submenu instead of exiting out of the Car Tuning submenu altogether

11.0 Changelog:
Added Warp into Car toggle (turn it off to fix spawning helicopter crash)
Radio Settings (set radio track, freeze/unfreeze radio)

10.0 Changelog:
Added Car Tuning menu
Added Car Extras menu
Added more cars into Populated (thanks North!)
Added Gravity Toggle option

9.0 Changelog:
Added DLC & hidden weapons to Give All Weapons
Added Individual Weapons menu

8.0 Changelog:
Added IPL Loader
Added Menu Font
Added North Yankton toggle

7.0 Changelog:
Added Rainbow Car Color option
Added Full Cutscene Control option
Made Neon Color print current color
Made Delete Car work
Added Rainbow Traffic option
Made Cars Never Locked make you able to enter unenterable cars (i.e. Prologue)
Added Kill Aimed Peds option
Middle Mouse now ragdolls you like in the IV menu

6.0 Changelog:
Made Compact Menu not draw the main menu when in submenus
Fixed Compact Menu expanding for 1 frame
Fixed Vehicle Options having a 14th submenu that has nothing in it
Added Level Cap version of Never Wanted (removes constant cooldown sound at restricted areas)
Removed Become Fidget Spinner (didn't work)
Added Money Drop to SP options
Added Animations menu

5.0 Changelog:
Added Object Spawning (every single object that has "prop" in its name)
Added Clean Player Clothes option
Unlocked Power & Torque multipliers
Fixed Drive on Water

4.0 Changelog:
Added Vehicle ID and Burn protections (FiveM)
Added Anti-Attach (FiveM)
Added @ sign to custom walkstyle
Added Copy Car & Copy Player
Added Missions menu (may be broken)
Added SCO Loader menu
Added SP in MP (may be broken)
Added Torque & Engine multipliers to Turbo
Added Plate Text menu
Added List running Scripts into Brief function
Added Terminate All Game Scripts function

3.0 Changelog:
Added Clothes menu
Added Fix Invisible Player option
Added Teleport to Waypoint option
Added Time & Weather menu
Added Trainer Settings menu

2.0 Changelog:
Added FiveM compatibility (select player)
Added Player Teleports menu
Added weapons to Police 1, 2, 3 Populated spawns
Added Police Granger to Populated

1.0 Changelog:
Removed Bowling menu
Removed Player List menu
Removed Damaged Entity menu
Removed Console menu
Removed Set Voice menu
Fixed Police 2 & 3 being the same as Police 1
Added Helpful menu
Added Airbreak Speed menu
Added Ped Settings menu
Added Tasks menu
Added SP Options menu
Added Never Wanted keybind
Added text border to Coordinates Display and Speedometer
Fixed Slide Run working in cars
SET_CAR_CAN_BE_VISIBLY_DAMAGED now defaults to 1 in Custom Godmode menu
Added Car Speedup keybind
Added Car Superbrake keybind
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