Handling Controller



Handling Controller
This mod is intended to allow the user to be able to control the handling data stored in RAM while GTA V is running.

Tips and Info
Only change values in very small increments until you are confident with how changing each value affects the game. A good resource for determining what each flag changes can be found here, but do not pay attention to the values mentioned, as they are not completely accurate. Base all your changes off of the handling data that populates the text boxes when you press "Get Current Car Handling".

Features and bugs
Currently, you can edit all normal car handling flags aside from the 'InitialDriveGears' (which controls that amount of gears the car has) and 'InitialDriveMaxFlatVel' (they're hard-coded as far as I can tell.)
Do not attempt to inject without all the input boxes being populated. This will prevent all flags after the missing one to not inject.
The wheels must be on the ground for a period of time for the handling to update (this is a GTA issue, and cannot be fixed mod side.). Because of this if you go overboard and break a car, you most likely will have to restart your game unless you get lucky.
You can save and open preset handling configurations by going to File > Open or File > Save.
You can go back to any handling value that you have overwritten, and can clear your history by going to File > Clear History

Installation instructions
Run after you start GTA V. Press "F6" to populate all the values, and then press F5 to inject the new values once you have made changes.

This mod is based on the Handling Injector mod made by PeppeProduction, which does not work and has not been updated in over half a year. I have made attempts to contact the creator, but he has not responded.

1.1: Added support for the release 1.51 and epic games store.
1.2: Added support for the release 1.52.
1.3: Added support for the release 1.53.
1.4: Added support for the release 1.54, and built the framework for importing and exporting configurations. This feature is still in development and does not work, but will implemented sometime soon.
1.5: Added the ability to save and open configurations. No more needing to memorize or write down and manually fill in your favorite setups.
1.6: Added support for the release 1.54.1.
1.6.1: Fixed a bug that caused the Epic Games and Social Club versions of the mod to not work properly.
1.7: Added support for the release 1.55.
1.8: Added support for the release 1.56.
1.9: Added support for the release 1.60.
1.9.1: Added support for the release 1.61.
1.9.2: Added support for the release 1.63.
1.9.3: Added support for the release 1.64.
2.0: NEW FEATURES! Added history function to recall any handling data that has been overwritten. Getting the current handling value has been moved to its own hotkey (F6). The program now loads up values of whatever car the player is sitting in when it is opened up.
2.0.1: Added support for the release 1.66.
2.0.2: Added support for a patch made on version 1.66.
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