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    @Trancenath91 I think if you install my mod after "Pickups", it will work

    @Equinox407 @Blhaz Thanks for the feedback guys!

    @Destrick @HasseTheOne Update Ready

    @Smoak 'n J I checked everything and did not meet something like that. maybe a problem in the model of the weapon you use

    @Easytron Thanks for the feedback, ever change it

    @basher_hd Thanks for your feedback, I already think about something like that.

    @GlitchedGiant @BaimedCS Unfortunately I can not realize it yet, but I think it is better to do it, many people ask about it

    7 gün önce
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    @Smoak 'n J I have not met this. Maybe I still do not understand you, could you send a screenshot?

    @DarthMerovingian Do you want to change the amount of ammunition? If I understood you correctly. Write about it and I will give instructions. And also thanks for the high rating

    @ZbynieK You can find it in the links under this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZVyxP_gGkE">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZVyxP_gGkE

    @AleesFX Many thanks!

    @ginaphilips thank you for rating!

    @OAG You can find it in the links under this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZVyxP_gGkE

    @GFOLKS Open the file "weaponanimations.meta" For the desired weapon, find the string "WEAPON_(Hash of needed weapon)" еhen the lines "AnimFireRateModifier" and "AnimBlindFireRateModifier" Increase the value and the firerate of needed weapon will increase

    @Alfabrain Sorry, but I can't do a lot of different versions of fashion yet, it becomes more difficult to make an update.

    @American_Anime I also thought about it, I think in the next version I will do it

    @Destrick Thanks for the praise, now I discovered that the combat shotgun is really broken, I will include on the correction in the following update and make a patch in the near future

    7 Aralık 2021, Salı
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    @Smoak 'n J What sights and scopes need to be realignment and what exactly? Write in detail or send a screenshot and then I may be able to fix it

    @nj5050 I do not understand you. Write what exactly the problem

    @LlWh I still find it difficult to figure it out, but I will try to do it in one of the following versions.

    @oooper666 I use "Previous Generation HUD" and VisualVanilla


    @komurokaede So that your mods folder is not ruined make backup every time you install a new mod . Still, I listen to you and add a uninstaller in the next version.

    16 Kasım 2021, Salı
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    @Destrick Maybe I will add instructions how to do it in the next version of the mod

    @LlWh Unfortunately, until I can change the effects so much. The game uses the texture for smoke from under tires, dust when shot into the walls and for danguity effects. If I could make a separate texture or create separate effect, I could change the form and perhaps even the speed of the effect. As I have already written above, I will add less thick texture of smoke as follows the next version. While I do not know how to change the range of rocket launcher, but if I find out, I will change.

    Thanks for the feedback. Such complete comments really help

    @slamborghini No, nothing like my mod does not change. I now recovered this and did not have any problems

    @Kaatun First Euphoria mod then IC.

    13 Ekim 2021, Çarşamba
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    @Destrick I will try to do it. I think it will restore it in the following update. Now you can return it, open "mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\ai\weapons.meta" Find the line "<Name>WEAPON_MINIGUN</Name>" below the string "<TracerFx />" and replace "<TracerFx />" on "<TracerFx>bullet_tracer_jet</TracerFx>"

    @LlWh Thanks for critics. I also think that smoke is too thick to fix it in the following update I will add optionally less thick texture of smoke. Even your smoke can be too thick if you use any mod on the replacement effects, as a rule, the smoke texture is replaced there and compared to the original it is lighter and thick. I also wonder what weapons the effects do you like the most and what less and what graphic mod you are using - this will help make IС better

    24 Eylül 2021, Cuma
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    @vanbomel14 I understood what the problem is. MK2 Marksman rifle uses the sound from the rifle added in the Сayo perico update, which is not in your version of the game. To fix it Open Weapons_marksmanrifle_mk2.meta on the path of Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\dlc_patch\mpchristmas2017\common\data\ai\weapons_marksmanrifle_mk2.meta. Find the <Audio>AUDIO_ITEM_BULLPUP</Audio> line and replace to <Audio> <Audio>AUDIO_ITEM_BULLPUP_RIFLE_MK2</Audio>

    20 Eylül 2021, Pazartesi
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    @vanbomel14 What is your version of the game?

    20 Eylül 2021, Pazartesi
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    @GothamCityGoon When working on updates, in this case, almost all the time will go on to create different versions, and not to work on the update. I hope you understand me, but maybe if I ever do the final version of the mod, I add something like that.

    @vanbomel14 What gun sound mod do you use?

    20 Eylül 2021, Pazartesi
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    @Kaatun There are mods that do not conflict with IС and can do it:
    Thanks for the comment.

    @DojimanoRyu Thanks for the feedback. I will add the "One click = One Shot" function, but only for shotguns and sniper rifles, with pistols there are problems. Maybe I will improve the ranges in the following update.

    @fliggityflea32 Sorry, but I do not know how my mod can cause such problems, it may conflict with any other other modes. Tell me what version of the game you use and the name of your mods, maybe I can help you

    1 Eylül 2021, Çarşamba
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    @Snaptrap Can you make a zip archive so that I can download all

    8 Ağustos 2021, Pazar