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    Hello Man, an excellent job, as always, but I always have the same problem, could you upload the textures for the poor that use 1080p? XD.

    Sincerely I do not know how to change them to 1080p, so I ask you, otherwise, I would not bother you so much hahaha, greetings from Argentina!

    If you speak Spanish, let me know because I write all this and translate it with the Google translator. xD

    29 Haziran 2019, Cumartesi
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    Friend, I think you have the same problem that you had with the SU-47, the textures are in 4K and we use the 1920x1080 does not load the texture, could you re-upload it in 1080p?

    16 Haziran 2019, Pazar
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    Could you do the ASFX-01 Morgan of the Ace Combat Zero? Please!!! I need thoose plane!

    By the way, very good work with this plane

    Greetings for Argentina!.

    12 Nisan 2019, Cuma