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  • 3b3868 cyron43 in gallifreyan

    14 Versions in just 22 days? How about you upload this thing not before all the features on your scrum board are in the "Done" row?

    1 gün önce
  • 3b3868 cyron43 in gallifreyan

    @Soul02 Replacement or addon doesn't matter. If you can spawn it manually and if you have entered the correct model name, it should spawn.

    4 gün önce
  • 3b3868 cyron43 in gallifreyan

    @Soul02 Since the popgroups.ymt is just a pool to choose from, the game decides which of the listed vehicles it spawns at a time. This is random behavior and can take days until you see it for the first time. However, you can raise the chance by reducing the vehicle variety in the game settings to minimum (just for the test. You can max it out again after you've seen it spawn in traffic) and then spawning it with a trainer as soon as the game is loaded and drive around a bit in the rich area. This action adds this specific car to the model cache.

    5 gün önce
  • 3b3868 cyron43 in gallifreyan

    This is an excellent mod, no doubt, but oh boy, all those medical terms. One needs a paramedic schooling to master this mod. When I open the patient history all I see are words I have no clue of and what to make out of this information.

    8 gün önce
  • 3b3868 cyron43 in gallifreyan

    @d_mitr Yes I would appreciate your translated guide (PDF please).
    Adding multi-language support in the mod would mean to overhaul the whole code structure and that's something I'm not willing to do. Sorry

    10 Şubat 2018, Cumartesi
  • 3b3868 cyron43 in gallifreyan

    @d_mitr Thank you. :D

    9 Şubat 2018, Cuma
  • 3b3868 cyron43 in gallifreyan

    @d_mitr Thank you for the kind words and the 5 stars. :)

    7 Şubat 2018, Çarşamba
  • 3b3868 cyron43 in gallifreyan

    That's some frickin' great mod! Now I can finally AI drive the Hermes and the Yosemite w/o scratching the road.

    5 Şubat 2018, Pazartesi
  • 3b3868 cyron43 in gallifreyan

    @alebal Thank you. That explains it. :)

    4 Şubat 2018, Pazar
  • 3b3868 cyron43 in gallifreyan

    @lewis15 I can guarantee my mod has nothing to do with your issue. Certain trainers (like sjaak327's simple trainer for example) can make the police ignore you. Please verify your trainer configurations.
    Also get this mod -> https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/mp-vehicles-in-sp
    It prevents the DLC cars from despawning.

    4 Şubat 2018, Pazar