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  • Ec469e photostudio 1646872218940 (2)

    You should talk to JamesSc0tt, he's using your map for ahis scripts. I was looking for a script for my fivem server for cleaning money and came across his script, needed an interior and found yours as a base to edit and it was perfectly matched to the script.
    Either talk to him about how he is using your script the way he is, nothing linked in anyway but its clear his script is for your map. Or talk about creating a mod for the public.

    14 Kasım 2022, Pazartesi
  • Ec469e photostudio 1646872218940 (2)

    I am planning on a big update to my map, hope you all will enjoy.
    I'll be extending the back room, I'm also planning on moving the back and front rooms. It's still going to be the same location and building location.

    28 Ekim 2022, Cuma
  • Ec469e photostudio 1646872218940 (2)

    43 downloads a day later 😇 I hope you all enjoy it, if you notice any issues please let me know. I noticed some minor texture glitches with the objects. I'm working on fixing that, I don't know what's causing it so it may take sometime.

    20 Ekim 2022, Perşembe
  • Ec469e photostudio 1646872218940 (2)

    Could you make a setting for if shot at they will attack? I can be doing a heist script and they will come running in when they hear my bodyguard shoot and start a war with him.

    18 Ekim 2022, Salı