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  • C3687a

    Video Installation Pilot Top Gun (1986) 1.3 + Installation of Tom Cruise head in "mp_m_freemode_01" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ry-c_Lk_ws

    33 dakika önce
  • C3687a

    @gtavjamal New link to Tom Cruise. I forgot to add hairstyle in the first link. https://sharemods.com/7qmwup9k3y03/Gta_5_Tom_Cruise_-_mp_m_freemode_01.rar.html

    5 hours ago
  • C3687a

    I understand that the author of the fashion may be offended because of my remark. But I think we have democracy here. I always say directly that it would be possible to change. Well, I can't wait a minute until the weapon is reloaded. And enemy aircraft cannot find me from afar. We have to wait until they find me. But in general, I like all the planes that the author of these mods makes. I fell in love with the planes that SkylineGTRFreak does

    7 hours ago
  • C3687a

    The author of the fashion himself asked to indicate some errors. And I think that you correctly indicate some shortcomings. I myself do mods, and sometimes I do not what I like, but what most people like. I am very serious about this.

    11 hours ago
  • C3687a

    @gtavjamal Here is a link only to replace the head of Tom Cruise in "mp_m_freemode_01". I don’t have time to make a video now. You yourself will figure it out. https://sharemods.com/0s5u67xdhcb1/Gta_5_Tom_Cruise_-_mp_m_freemode_01.rar.html

    13 hours ago
  • C3687a

    For a more comfortable battle, I would advise you to increase the speed of aircraft in "handling.meta" <fthrust value = "3.0000" />.
    Reload time
    <ReloadTimeMP value="4.000000" />
    <ReloadTimeSP value="4.000000" />
    <VehicleReloadTime value="4.000000" />
    The speed of the projectile
    <LaunchSpeed value="6000.000000" />
    Detection range
    <LockOnRange value="999.000000" />
    <WeaponRange value="999.000000" />
    With these parameters of the "Jets Intercept When Wanted" mod, it works at full power

    15 hours ago
  • C3687a

    @gtavjamal I will later shoot the video how to transfer the face of Tom Cruise to "mp_m_freemode_01"

    15 hours ago
  • C3687a

    @JAM102970 Since 2013, no one has transferred the pilot's form to the main characters GTA 5. I can not do this. I do not have special 3 D programs.

    3 gün önce
  • C3687a
    Sabitlenmiş Yorum

    Video Installation Tom Cruise-Top Gun (1986) Versian 1.3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jpsRqUsLEU
    Version 1.3
    Added sunglasses.
    To install the mod, download the original mod Tom Cruise https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/tom-cruise-add-on-ped.
    In order for sunglasses to appear, you will have to rename the folder and files "Tom Cruise" on "mp_m_shopkeep_01".
    Clothing installation ("mp_m_shopkeep_01"):
    Grand Theft Auto V\mods\x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\streamedpeds_mp.rpf\
    Sunglasses installation (mp_m_shopkeep_01_p):
    Grand Theft Auto V\mods\x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\streamedpedprops.rpf\

    First delete the folder "mp_m_shopkeep_01" into OpenIV, only then insert folders and files.
    Look for a trainer model called "Shopkeeper"
    If you do not want sunglasses to have, then download Version 1.2. In Version 1.2, the model is not renamed and installed in AddonPeds. But there will be no sunglasses.

    5 gün önce
  • C3687a

    @Artupaky01 Mod "Immersive Combat" does not work with the mod "Aircraft Flares and Chaff Countermeasures". Because you have changed the properties of the flare gun and because of this, Aircraft Flares misses the enemy missiles. You need to put the original flare gun launchers.
    File name "weaponflaregun.meta"
    File path - Grand Theft Auto V\update\update.rpf\dlc_patch\mpheist\common\data\ai

    7 gün önce