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  • Simeon

    I am not using any of the mods though?
    do you know where the texture resides for this part of the interior?

    22 Ocak 2019, Salı
  • Simeon

    Hi Here is the link to the image
    as i say only appears when you go above a certain speed.

    21 Ocak 2019, Pazartesi
  • Simeon

    nice model and texture vehicle however can you please clarify why the word Paki appears on the dashboard when the vehicle goes above a certain speed?

    Would like to have this on my server but with this showing it could be easily misconstrued in the UK this is often seen as a racial slur \ derogatory or racist remark.
    I am sure there is a good reason for it just want to clarify if its possible to remove it as cannot see it within the ytd file.

    21 Ocak 2019, Pazartesi