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  • 045985 little princess (5)

    Could you make this NSPM mod compatible with another mod Pull Me Over?


    Sometimes the two mods collide with each other, but it has been about two years since that developer stopped working; therefore now I carefully request you to make them compatible so that I can use the both without problem.


    9 Ocak 2021, Cumartesi
  • 045985 little princess (5)

    Thanks for a great mod. This can be the Ace Combat of GTA V. As a flight simulator fan, I love it. I can feel that you've worked pretty hard for this mod.

    1. Can you please make this to be compatible with the another mod: Not Useless Body Armor https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/not-useless-body-armor ?

    2. In my own short test (the previous version uploaded on yesterday 5.5.0) including the optional third step to have all 200+ models, I found a bug that F-14 Tomcat was always being stuck between the hangar on its way out and overturned. - sorry that I forgot to take its screenshot and upload it with dogfight.log before removing this mod.

    The another my favorite plane (F-15E Strike Eagle if I recall correctly) had no problem to get out of the hangar and take off. Of course I did not test all the models, but I could not solve that issue with all the troubleshooting like deleting dogfight.sav and dogfight.bin or disabling carrier decorations by changing “hasPropsYMAP”: false in carrierdf.json. Later I even temporarily removed the ‘scripts’ folder from GTA V directory, but I still had the same bug.

    For your reference, I always use the latest versions literally for everything, and also I surely installed all the requirements for this mod. I even tried both slashes and back-slashes to fill in the lines in dlclist.xml (by default they all go with slashes, right?) and tried skipping four duplicated lines: airdefenses, carrierdf, kc135r, and lcac when adding the optional step three, but no help.

    Please check this issue and fix it if necessary.

    3. A question: is a file irrklang.dll included in this mod? Yesterday I found the file in GTA V directory, but as far as I remember I was not having it before installing this mod. The file had the same date modified with the installation, and now I’m just curious about exactly where it came from.

    As I’ve always done, I want to be careful to report bugs because I know some mods collide with each other and I don’t want to offend mod developers. Not only in ‘scripts’ folder, I’m also using my other mods installed in the ‘mods’ folder. I did not test this mod thoroughly by completely deleting all my other mods, so that F-14 might work good for other users.

    Thanks again for reading my long comment. Have a good day, and stay safe. :D

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    8 Ocak 2021, Cuma
  • 045985 little princess (5)


    Thanks for a good mod.

    Can you make the 'ragdoll on damage' effect to be shorter?

    I like the ragdoll feature that a player becomes out of control for a short time, but it just seems too long. When surrounded by some - even not many - enemies, even if a single shot is hit, I often have no choice but to fall down and just be killed while I cannot do anything.

    It would be better if the player simply gets stunned for shorter time unless getting a critical hit (like headshot), or you can provide an ini file to manually set the ragdoll effect time.


    5 Ocak 2021, Salı
  • 045985 little princess (5)

    @adopcalipt so are you saying that I can simply overwrite a new version?

    3 Ocak 2021, Pazar
  • 045985 little princess (5)

    @adopcalipt After repairing the Visual Studio, now 1.8 is working good. This time I just overwrote 1.8 onto 1.72 instead of clean-installed it.


    1. How can I apply a newer version not losing SP Coins earned and new contacts added after completing missions?
    2. Can you show the location of target to collect on forklift missions?


    Here I have no idea where to search for. (also my forklift is sticking to the wall..)

    3. Is it normal that I sometimes don't earn SPCoins after I complete a mission?

    3 Ocak 2021, Pazar
  • 045985 little princess (5)

    Using version 1.72, on 'explosive device' mission I got a bug again:


    For your reference, every time I change version I totally delete all NSPM files and folder and copy new one to scripts folder.

    2 Ocak 2021, Cumartesi
  • 045985 little princess (5)

    This is my first trial. Can I use the Nvidia PCSS in soft shadow option with this mod? :D

    2 Ocak 2021, Cumartesi
  • 045985 little princess (5)

    You're still going enthusiastic HKH191. Happy new year, and stay safe !! :D

    2 Ocak 2021, Cumartesi
  • 045985 little princess (5)

    This great mod with novel features is no longer updated? :D

    2 Ocak 2021, Cumartesi
  • 045985 little princess (5)

    This great must-have mod is no longer updated? :D

    2 Ocak 2021, Cumartesi