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    @ProMotivated, got the truck but no rims. my vstancer folder has Configs folder, settings_general and settings_menu. there's no car_preset in my vstancer. I tried this: 1. I took your vstancer presets folder and dropped it in. 2. took the car_preset out your vstancer folder and dropped it in. got nothing doing this. please help

    21 Ağustos 2023, Pazartesi
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    @DarkYT did I miss something, it has no instructions for install. pls think of us newbies and add install instructions

    14 Ağustos 2023, Pazartesi
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    Love the work, just wish that the clothing made sense color wise. hoodies have shirts under them that are in so many other colors. Franklin is a hood dude and the clothing should reflect hood life/hip hop. just saying a lil more thought should have went into bringing a more manageable wardrobe. imo. still appreciate the work, just hard to use in my content creation. thanks, just hoping to add some more reality to the content.

    8 Temmuz 2023, Cumartesi
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    @CrusheD np, it was the way you asked the question. yeah, still some bugs with the script. check ur recent scripts, that you put in, could be clashing with ls. also if you havent done so, change the reload in your scripthookv, so that u can reload on the fly. hope things work out. lata CrusheD

    30 Aralık 2022, Cuma
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    @CrusheD They are drug weights of measure....ur kidding me right, lol. Its only what the whole LSLIFE is about. OZ=Ounce and G=Grams, all in weights of measure. Enjoy the underground, welcome, lol. Hope this helps and no hard feelings, just joking and enjoying this community.

    29 Aralık 2022, Perşembe