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  • Michael3

    @Dodgeboi Its a folder above your gta folder. For example you installed gta to "D:\Rockstar Games\GTA". The tool create a folder in "D:\Rockstar Games\" called "GTA V Mod Remove Tool-Whitelist" ("D:\Rockstar Games\GTA V Mod Remove Tool-WhitelistGTA V Mod Remove Tool-Whitelist")

    11 Mayıs 2022, Çarşamba
  • Michael3

    2.2.2 was successful released!
    - [Fix] A bug where whitelist copy progress not working when the game installed on root of the hard drive
    - [Improved] Copy progress (Its now moving instead of copying. This way works faster)
    - [Improved] Slow Mode
    - [Removed] "Select file" text

    Hopefully this will fix your problem @Caswap.

    4 Nisan 2022, Pazartesi
  • Michael3

    @Caswap Ok, i found what the problem is. I try to fix that and push an update in the next few days :D. Until then you can try to manually copy the files :)

    1 Nisan 2022, Cuma
  • Michael3

    @Caswap I think i see where the problem is. It trys to copy the file to the path "D:\\..." that "\\" makes the error because the tool trys to find a another sub folder. But i cant say if its a bug or not. I must check that.

    Try to delete the whitelist folder and copy the files again and look if the " \\ " exist in the path.

    31 Mart 2022, Perşembe
  • Michael3

    @Caswap Hi sorry but i don't understand the language and cant read the message. It seems that you want to copy the files to the whitelist. Correct?

    29 Mart 2022, Salı
  • Michael3

    @Joebidenmama First thanks for your rating :D
    If you don't have a backup of this file, then this tool cannot help you. I just recommend deleting that file where the model is installed and let the Rockstar Launcher redownload that file.

    9 Mart 2022, Çarşamba
  • Michael3

    @CreepyBEEF Hi which exe you mean?

    19 Şubat 2022, Cumartesi
  • Michael3

    @Nott You must ask the dev of that security tool. I think it is because it deletes and move files. That's the only process that this tool does.

    7 Şubat 2022, Pazartesi
  • Michael3

    @feeso Not replaced one. If you installed the mods into the original files not the mods folder, than this tool is not for you. It just clears the gta folder from all other files like the mods folder.

    3 Şubat 2022, Perşembe
  • Michael3

    @PairsOfAces Epic Games and also Steam support was planned (if it's working or possible), but there is a main problem with the rockstar launcher. I'm trying to fix that. This problem has priority ;)

    10 Ocak 2022, Pazartesi