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  • 5ab16d gta5mods

    @nj5050 Thank you! Use a trainer to open the Cargo door (Left driver door)

    @Gamer742 Thanks - sorry for the super late reply.
    1. I have been out of vehicle modding for some time now, I currently do not know how to do this.
    2. Glass is already transparent; has a tint effect from the outside to replicate Quinjet from MCU
    3. Hmm, not sure why this happens, must be a collision issue
    4. I have 0% experience with scripts unfortunately
    5. Oh? I had no idea this link could even expire! My tag is: JDeezNutz#0907

    5 gün önce
  • 5ab16d gta5mods

    22nd November '21 Update:
    Many fixes, getting closer. There is still a lot of work to be done but myself and others involved (revealed at release) are working extremely hard to hit the Christmas deadline.
    Please note if we are unable to meet this deadline, please know we will be doing our best to release Stark Mansion 2.0 as soon as possible.

    22 Kasım 2021, Pazartesi
  • 5ab16d gta5mods

    @iammistahwolf Glad everything worked for you- as a rule of thumb .exe files never go into the gta dir, only compatible files like .ydr's .ytf's .meta's etc etc, spend an evening looking inside OpenIV - you will see all the formats the game accepts, also helps with general understanding to different types of mods.
    Skylumz has created excellent scripts that has help aid many modders; most if not all Skylumz's scripts are a third party program i.e independent use of an .exe program.

    1 Ekim 2021, Cuma
  • 5ab16d gta5mods

    1st October 2021 Update:
    Process coming along nicely. A lot of bug squashes, further progression all around. New models, new surprises. We cannot wait to finish this build for you guys to enjoy.
    We know this has taken long than we originally expected but rest assured we are doing everything we can to get Stark Mansion 2.0 released as quick as possible.
    There are many features that we have kept secret which we are positive you will enjoy and have a better experience, experiencing the Stark Mansion!
    Look forward to updating you guys again soon.

    1 Ekim 2021, Cuma
  • 5ab16d gta5mods

    @iammistahwolf Yes, a typo. I do not get this problem, I extracted all the files from the zip folder in to a folder ony my desktop. Then proceeded to run the .exe which opened up a interface where I could either set up a map or vehicle dlc setup.
    I just created a test dlc literally 2 minutes ago to make sure skylumz's mod works, and it does.
    You are doing something wrong.

    28 Eylül 2021, Salı
  • 5ab16d gta5mods

    @iammistahwolf You don't install the mod... skylumz has created a simple program that does all the hard work. drop files from the file file in to a folder and run the .exe.

    24 Eylül 2021, Cuma
  • 5ab16d gta5mods

    @iammistahwolf follow the instructions in the zip file

    23 Eylül 2021, Perşembe
  • 5ab16d gta5mods

    @batman3302 Currently not fivem compatible.

    20 Eylül 2021, Pazartesi
  • 5ab16d gta5mods

    @shastapuppy Too busy at the moment to finish the bus and to be fair, I haven't worked on this since 2017 - I will probably release it as an open unfinished mod which other creators can chose to finish to their liking.

    17 Eylül 2021, Cuma
  • 5ab16d gta5mods

    2021 September Update:
    Had taken a short temporary stoppage due to RL but continuing work with the project from 20th Sept.
    Aiming to get Stark Mansion 2.0 released before Christmas and trust me guys, this update is worth the wait.
    HUGE change log with many new features. And a few surprises.
    Stay tuned.

    17 Eylül 2021, Cuma