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    it would be nice to see some new helmet skins also.

    21 Mayıs 2015, Perşembe
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    can you give instructions on how to change textures.?... I have found some i would like to change, i can extract them, and edit them in .dds format in PS, but how to save them as a .ytd

    20 Mayıs 2015, Çarşamba
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    The only place you see waves are near the shore, the further you go out, the calmer the ocean is, unless it's a bad storm.

    13 Mayıs 2015, Çarşamba
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    I would like to be able to use online apartments and garages offline for car storage, as there is not many places to store vehicles offline. access to all online apartments would be the icing on the cake.

    10 Mayıs 2015, Pazar
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    so all you need to do is make a backup of the update.rpf file.? i really don't feel like messing my game up.
    and if i go online, will i need to replace the new rpf file with the backup.?
    someone needs to make a simple tut video for all the newbies that may want to use this, or maybe start to learn modding for the game.

    9 Mayıs 2015, Cumartesi
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    I would like to be able to spend money if i'm using a different model in single player mode.
    I can't buy a sprunk, it said not enough money, and i just robbed a store, and killed a few people, i should have had $1000 to use, but i couldn't buy anything.. also, there were no stripers in the strip club, I couldn't buy a hooker, so i'm not able to make some videos i want.. I need a monkey getting a lap dance, and able to pick up hookers....lol

    6 Mayıs 2015, Çarşamba