New South Wales
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  • 724b20 avatar3

    It was great working with you on this one @Candice_211 :)
    It's a lot of fun to drive around the Sandy Shores/Paleto Bay areas and feels right at home!

    18 Şubat 2018, Pazar
  • 724b20 avatar3

    @Nik The Greek Regarding .OIV:
    My advice is to download some other mod that contains one and see how it works.
    .oiv is just a .zip with a different extension. Rename some other .OIV to .ZIP, extract to a folder, and study the structure and XML content and it should become clear after a bit of digging.
    Then, pack your content up into a .zip (I'd leave the compression options as light as possible because OpenIV might not understand higher compression methods)
    Then you have basically made a .OIV from scratch without needing to even use OpenIV ;)

    Hope this helps

    23 Ocak 2018, Salı