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    Keep up the good work! And please make an update that there would not be just Pedestrians in the house, but also 1 Rotweiler dog in some houses which would be the pets of 1 of the residents of the houses, and the dogs would bite the Player when entering the house

    18 Kasım 2020, Çarşamba
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    Please do make a Four Man Army so that the player can use any ped as a fourth Protagonist in Single player replacing the Online slot such as NPCs both males and females or other characters such as Lamar, Tracey, Jimmy, or even added character ped models with mods such as Niko Bellic, Tommy Vercetti, CJ, Claude from GTA 3, Luis Lopez, etc and the player can switch between the Quartet on the character wheel

    19 Ekim 2020, Pazartesi
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    Please answer me!

    17 Nisan 2020, Cuma
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    When can you use this mod to replace the Online slot to be a 4th playable character in Single player, where on the Character wheel, that the player can switch between Franklin, Michael, Trevor, and Niko?

    15 Nisan 2020, Çarşamba