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    @RDK_Ulman never mind man, i can wait :D just try that shit. nobody does it, and i dont know how can i make indoor pool with jacuzzi room, so you are my last hope :D

    16 Mayıs 2019, Perşembe
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    Hej, Ulman: i have a great idea. I always wanted something like..swimming pool with jacuzzi indoor. Like jacuzzi room with big swimming pool,just for player. Please man, i really wish this shit. I think, that you can put in that room hot tub, jacuzzi, pool with camp-fire and TV with radio, for absolute chill. With trainers, we can turn on radio or tv. It can be located deep, in some bunker.

    I think, that this is great idea :) please man :D

    15 Mayıs 2019, Çarşamba