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  • Wade

    There's currently a problem with ScripthookDotNet, you can either wait for a fix to be uploaded, or use this temp fix posted by @jedijosh920

    19 Aralık 2017, Salı
  • Wade

    No, just the f22, but the ju-87 should work as well, assuming it's been built right

    11 Aralık 2017, Pazartesi
  • Wade

    Make sure you have ScriptHookV and ScripthookDotNet installed in your GTA directory.
    The scripts folder should also be placed here, then copy all files from the archive to this scripts folder.

    All controls are displayed in the top left of the screen when you enter a plane and open the bomb bay doors.

    No, sorry you have to use a separate mod menu to spawn these vehicles, and then save them in the hangars

    Tested the F22 on my current build, and had no problems storing it, but you can only really change the livery, tint(although his model has the black tint applied to the outside for every tint except clear) and engine / handling , paint has no effect because of the solid liveries.
    Anyway new version should be uploaded tomorrow.

    Not at the moment sorry

    No it only includes some of features found in the Smugglers Run DLC, plus little enhancements that should have been in the DLC

    10 Aralık 2017, Pazar
  • Wade

    Not properly sorry,no

    I simply suggested Trevor's missions, because you are given a cuban, and don't need any mods installed to spawn a bomb bay equipped aircraft,
    if you had actually played this without any mods installed, then you would still hear the grinding noise , from the bomb bay doors, and also that there has never been any drop sound on the bombs in these missions (but i bet you never complained to Rockstar about this)

    Thank for the info on the false positive.
    As for the error message, have you replaced or updated the .lang file(via notepad) with the new one as this contains all the text that should be displayed in game

    Sorry you can't as a custom ped, you have to revert back to the default characters, to make any purchases

    2 Aralık 2017, Cumartesi
  • Wade

    For all those people complaining about the grinding sounds, when entering an aircraft or no bomb sounds.
    Please remove all mods, then play Trevor's arms running's mission and forward your complaints to Rockstar

    28 Kasım 2017, Salı
  • Wade

    @Matador da 25
    Try the latest version

    Never had it happen to me, is it just one plane, if so which, or multiple planes

    the counter measures are using the correct particles "scr_sm_counter_chaff" , "scr_sm_hl_flare" (not fire & fireworks as you state), they just may not be to the same scale.
    As for the sounds, i was unable to find any reference to what sounds are used.
    The doors need to be closed in order to set a Boolean properly to keep track of the door state and allow for bomb controls to take precedence over missiles etc

    You can only select different bomb types when you are about 30ft of the ground and the bomb bay doors are open (otherwise you may accidentally blow yourself up by releasing a bomb while on the ground)

    26 Kasım 2017, Pazar
  • Wade

    @Matador da 25
    Try the new version hopefully you won't get any virus warnings this time

    Unfortunately, i couldn't find a native to detect if the bomb-bay doors are open, and had to set them to close when you enter an aircraft, hence the grinding noise, if the doors are already closed.

    26 Kasım 2017, Pazar
  • Wade

    @Matador da 25
    Don't know why your getting a virus warning, I have scanned both the original & downloaded versions , with avira and windows defender in win 7 and neither reported any problems.
    I can only assume that they are giving some kind of false warning, but I will check through my code to see if there may be something causing this.
    @Viking aircraft
    The controls for counter-measures/bombs should be displayed on screen when you enter an aircraft outside the hangar or open the bomb bay doors.
    The defaults are
    Toggle Bomb bay doors - Hold H / Dpad Right
    Counter-measures - Down Arrow / Dpad Down
    Drop Bomb(press) / Carpet Bomb(hold) - X / Gamepad A

    26 Kasım 2017, Pazar
  • Wade

    Did you copy the .lang file to your scripts folder, because all text is now stored in there.

    24 Kasım 2017, Cuma
  • Wade

    @Dvojité V
    You have never been able to store road vehicles, in the Smugglers Run hangars' ,only in the basic hangars that have been available since the game launched, and adding this feature would require entirely rewriting the code from scratch.
    As for the aircraft purchase option, I have no plans to add this, because it would break the mod every time R* releases a new update, and screws up the vehicle spawning part.
    Unfortunately the light color is tied to the hangar wall/floors colors and can't be changed separately.
    As for the blinds, it's only $100, Not exactly bank breaking
    Just overwrite everything except the ini file, then add any relevant entries stated at the bottom of each versions Changelog, under Previous Users.

    23 Kasım 2017, Perşembe