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  • 269c84 quandalecover

    I was looking forward to playing this, unfortunately this gave me errors so I had to remove it. Maybe I did something wrong or it could be a conflict with another mod (I have A LOT of script mods installed.) But it was a great idea though. I gave a 5 star rating anyway even though it didn't work :)

    Also, I have to say, the comment section of this mod was entertaining to read.

    1 gün önce
  • 269c84 quandalecover

    Upon starting the game after installing this, it does the usual intro with the flashing lights, gunfire and breaking glass, then it crashes. I have been looking through the comments to try and find a solution and I saw the comment that said there was a conflict with one of the bikes so I will try installing everything except the SA packs. Luckily I backed up the entire Grand Theft Auto V folder before I even began modding anything because I can just replace whatever needs replacing with the original (in this case I had to replace pretty much everything including the x64 folder and update.rpf, which takes forever). If it works I will come back and give a good rating.

    29 Temmuz 2022, Cuma
  • 269c84 quandalecover

    I followed the instructions exactly to install this mod. However, after installing the mod I tried to start the game and got an "invalid file" error, I had to reinstall the file from steam after verifying the integrity of the game's files.

    25 Temmuz 2022, Pazartesi
  • 269c84 quandalecover

    This is a great mod. I have another mod by you too, "Work For The Mob" which is also really good!

    18 Temmuz 2022, Pazartesi
  • 269c84 quandalecover
    Sabitlenmiş Yorum

    This is a great mod so it gets ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐from me, but that profile picture, Norbi, what the hell is up with that profile picture? I feel like it can see me through my screen and it's just staring into my soul. That is terifying 😨

    18 Temmuz 2022, Pazartesi