Los Santos
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  • Gtao40

    Is it possible to install this on a fivem server? if so, How?

    15 Ekim 2022, Cumartesi
  • Gtao40

    I'm having issues with water reaching the ground in fivem too, I would be so happy if this were to be fixed in the fivem version of this map. I had to delete the pool collisions for now because I have other appartements in the building that I can't reach if the water is in front of it.

    27 Mayıs 2022, Cuma
  • Gtao40

    Hi! I had a few suggestions for this map. I really love it but with version 2.0 the house is really too closed off because of the windows that are all closed now. I really liked the open feel of the house with way more light in the older versions. Could you maybe add an optional file to revert the windows back to the old ones? it would really make the map perfect for me! Also I would like to be able to close all the garage doors and remove the leaves on the ground. I really liked the "perfect" feel of the house in the older versions. Otherwise great work man, I love all of your maps! Keep doing what you are doing!

    25 Mayıs 2022, Çarşamba