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  • Jimmy

    I found this mod the other day on Nexus Mods. It was my first car mod. After installing the normal i8 from GTAVmods. I noticed a huge difference in speed. Is the roadster supposed to be 170mph in game?? I mean that’s really fast! The fastest car gta has is 130mph and that’s an online only car.. It’s not game breaking, but definitely makes driving a little difficult and no fun for cop chases. Is there a way to fix the speed on this mod? Or do you have another version?

    10 Mayıs 2022, Salı
  • Jimmy

    i installed the mod in the correct directory as shown in description. open game, and my arms are missing from game. went to remove mod and funny enough none of what was installed into directory is there. what is happening. plz help

    9 Mayıs 2022, Pazartesi