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    This is such a clean, well detailed and fun mod!!! No bugs, just a smooth and enjoyable ride in my Rav4 across the map! Full 5 stars!

    8 Haziran 2023, Perşembe
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    This mod is great my friend! However dunno if its just me but now Tonya doesnt spawn in first mission of strangers and freaks,...same to the Vangelico chick after i snap a pic with the glasses just before going to talk with her. But when i remove the ENT everything works well. Only replaced a few cars and its never happened before

    23 Nisan 2022, Cumartesi
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    Model looks great and so highly detailed but showing up in OpenIV with missing parts for me,...and as an add-on it crashes the game on loading screen, any help?

    18 Nisan 2022, Pazartesi
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    hey man,first off,very nice work,...at least tracey can have a car as cute as her haha. Secondly,i managed to replace the issi very well and all except in traffic,the outer plastic parts(wheel archs,lower bumpers and grilles)develop some goldish color at a distance but normalise back to plastic black when you get very close,is this a LOD problem or,as my LOD distance is set to 250,300,350,400,500,500

    15 Ocak 2022, Cumartesi
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    Hey,this mod looks very nice,...however it doesnt seem to work with the latest version of gta,...im running a non pirated version. It loads for about 45 seconds then crashes to desktop. I can confirm this as when i remove this particular mod the game loads well but when i put it back it crashes again. Kindly check,unless theres something im doing wrong

    6 Ocak 2022, Perşembe